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yoga mat reviews

Yoga has, over time, become synonymous with meditation. Proper meditation requires that you put some necessary factors into consideration such as place of practice time and type of Yoga.

Yoga has become an essential part of everyday life for those who have identified its importance. Comfortability during the session is essential, and thus you should choose the best yoga mat that will make your yoga more interesting.

Yoga mats can help you focus on what you are doing and avoid unnecessary injuries. This is a time for you to unwind relax and keep in shape thus choose a yoga mat that will be your partner and will help you achieve desired results. When purchasing a yoga mat ensure you want meets your needs and seems tailor-made for you.

Choosing the right yoga mat that suits you requires careful thought as to the type of practice, lifestyle, budget and aesthetic value. Recyclability (eco-friendliness) has also been talked a lot about these days. When you want to buy the best product for your needs you should read expert guide then you might reach your destination. So read our expert guide and reviews then choose your best one.

Below are top yoga mats you should consider the best one.

Best Yoga Mat Reviews

1. Clever Yoga Non-Slip Mats

For yogis, there is nothing as essential as a mat that can help you do your yoga without worrying about injuries or getting sore knees. Clever Yoga understands this, and that is why we have come up with non-slip mats that will help you get the most out of your yoga sessions.

Clever Yoga Non-Slip Mats

It is essential to pick a mat that has been made by yogis for other yogis, and that is what we have specialized. The rugs are built and tested by experienced yogis before being released in the market you are thus assured of quality for your money.

The mat is longer to accommodate which is suitable for short and tall yogis. It bit is also more extensive and will work well for anyone giving you enough room to do hot yoga.

The mat has been specially made and will not slip its non-slip features enables you to focus on the workout and prevents you from sore knees and other injuries. The mat also comes in different colors that will suit your color preference and taste. This mat is easy to clean, and it is made to be grippy and not slippy which good news is for any yogi.

2. Liforme Yoga Mats

One of the biggest worries of a yogi is to get a mat that can provide them with excellent grip, and this is what Liforme understood when we came up with this warrior-like grip mats that will ensure you have no more worries and scares during your yoga sessions.

Liforme Yoga Mats 

This mat is specially made to make your yoga sessions more comfortable and more productive. Our align system makes it more accessible whether you are a newbie to yoga or have been in it for long. Make your sessions more comfortable as you do not have to worry about whether you are using the mat correctly.

The instructions on the mat will make it easier for you to focus on whether the instructor is covering other than struggling to be appropriately aligned.

The extra cushioning that has been put on this yoga mat makes it the most comfortable to use. We value your comfort and when your feet elbows or knees are digging into the mat is essential that you eliminate any discomfort that will hinder your yoga results.

Liforme mats are eco-friendly and use sustainable rubber for the bulk of the mat has been sourced naturally. The alignment we use on the mat is placed directly on the mat, and no harmful ink is used.

3. Sivan Health and Fitness Yoga Mat

Take your yoga sessions with you everywhere you go is the primary aim of this mat. The rug has been specially made with added advantage to make it easy to carry and handle intense yoga session while also ensuring your safety and preference regarding color.

Sivan Health and Fitness Yoga Mat 


The mat measures 24 by 71 inches and is half inches ultra thick. It is suitable for all heights and thick enough to ensure your safety is taken into consideration. It has a non-slip surface that adds to its other features.

The yoga mat has integrated carry straps that make it easy whether you are moving to an outdoor location or a yoga studio. It is light to carry, and the straps make it easy for you to move. The mat is also easy to clean and is durable for an extended period due to materials used to make it.

The mat comes in 8 different colors to increase your options. You can select from 8 different vibrant colors for your yoga session. It also provides an array for yogis who want to buy more than one mat.

4. Manduka PROlite Yoga and Pilates Mat

For a long time now Manduka has been known for their high brand of yoga mats. Their mats are high performance and tailor-made to give yogis the best experience.

Their designers Manduka has used experienced yogis and teachers to create and test the yoga mats over time to ensure that the mats they provide users are not just durable but of high quality and can perform the task at hand well.

Manduka PROlite Yoga and Pilates Mat 

The surface of these mats has been specially made to prevent dirt bacteria and sweat from being absorbed by making cleaning very easy and less frequent. You are thus saved from the regular washing of the mat while still enjoying the use of a clean and reliable mat.

The mat is lightweight hence easily portable. You are therefore able to transport the mat to your yoga studio or carry it around. Manduka ensures that their yoga mats are easily compact and easy to store to give you an easy time. This is the reason why buying their products is the best decision for you because you know it was made with you in mind.

5. Jade Fusion 68-inch Yoga Mat

Made from a combination of the best natural rubbers using excellent technology, the Jade Fusion 68-inch Yoga Mat was made from start to finish with comfort in mind.

With a thickness of 5/16-inches, you will definitely get all the comfort you desire for yoga practice and other fitness training, indoor and outdoor ones alike.

Jade Fusion 68-inch Yoga Mat 

It was designed in such a way as to correctly serve the needs of people of different heights. It is of standard length of 68 inches and 24 inches wide. This ensures the yoga mat is perfectly accommodated every stretch and position you consider trying out.

It is made purely from natural rubber which is a renewable resource. Natural rubber has no negative effect on the environment as it contains no PVC related substances or ozone-depleting ones. Natural rubber also ensures that you do not slip off your mat even if it gets wet from perspiration.

It has an excellent grip and compression resistance to ensure high performance. It is very important though to ensure that you are not allergic to rubber. It is very portable, with a net weight of 5.4 pounds. It makes it an excellent travel companion and is available in various colors according to your taste.

6. Gaiam Premium Print Yoga Mat

One look at this yoga mat may leave you astonished as it is a perfect display of beauty, class, and durability. The prints, of various designs and themes, are very attractive and help to improve the psychological well being of the user.

The Gaiam Premium Print mat will adequately meet the needs of several classes of users according to body size and weight. It has additional cushioning to ensure that your joints do not become sore and improve the hardening effect of the floor.

Gaiam Premium Print Yoga Mat

It measures up to 68-inches in length and 24-inches in width. It is made from the widely used PVC which has been known to meet the needs of a variety of users.

It is a very healthy choice of material for people and the environment because it is free from harmful phthalates such as DBP and BBP.

PVC gives the mat a slightly sticky, non-slippery surface to ensure that you do not slip off due to wetness from perspiration.

It is recommended that the mat is spread out and aired for about 2-3 days from unboxing, before use. Besides, the mat should be stored in the yoga mat bag when not in use as long exposures to sunlight may cause it to fade and become brittle.

7. Hugger Mugger Para Rubber Mat

This yoga mat is truly a reflection of its name. Gotten from the best rubber plantations from Malaysia and Indonesia. This sturdy mat gives you extra stability and is a constant reminder of its cost-effectiveness as it is very durable and will serve you for a very long time.

It comes with a thickness of 1/4″-inch, and it is lightweight which makes it you’re a great companion for travels. It does an excellent work of providing comfort while practicing.

Hugger Mugger Para Rubber Mat 

It is made from durable and long-lasting natural rubber. Natural rubber is safe for use and gentle on the body and environment as it is recyclable after use. A very notable feature is the non-slipperiness on both sides of the mat.

This ensures that it does not skid of the floor neither does it because you to slip off when wet. It does a good job holding you in position and for extended periods too.

It has a simple, plain look with marble effect that prevents distraction yet attractive. The ripple design is beautiful of this yoga mat.

Like many other natural rubber mats, it is essential that it is properly stored and kept in a cool place to avoid stickiness from high temperatures.

8. Balance Form Go Yoga All-purpose Exercise Yoga Mat

This has to be a combination of all the features any yoga mat owner would love to see on a mat. It is an excellent combination of performance and beauty from start to finish.

It comes with a superb high-density foam material with a thickness of 1/2” which guarantees total comfort for your elbows, knees, soles and every other part of your body that rests on it.

Balance Form Go Yoga All-purpose Exercise Yoga Mat

In addition, it provides the much needed cushioning effect to the hips and spine. It is suitable for people of all shapes and sizes. It comes with extra length 3-inches in addition to the traditional 68-inch yoga mats. This makes it a very good option for tall people too.

All over the yoga mat is 71- inches long and 24-inches in width.

This is made from natural rubber, and its moisture-resistant technology makes it super easy to clean with soap and water and store. Its non-slip traction on both sides of the mat makes it a superb choice for safety.

It comes with mat straps to keep it in place after folding and for portability. Unlike many others, it has adjustable straps and Velcro to allow for easy folding and unfolding.

Factors to Consider When Choosing The Best Yoga Mat

For newbies, choosing a yoga mat from the different types available in the market can be a daunting task. When picking the right mats, you have to consider the various sizes, thicknesses, materials, stickiness, texture, and even types of yoga plan as well.

So if you are new to yoga, you may want to go for basic, entry-level mats. Thus, depending on your level of experience your choice of yoga mat will read aloud your needs.

In this post, we shall highlight the various aspects to consider when selecting the right carpet for yoga in detail.

The Material of the Yoga Mats

The type of yoga mat’s material should first be compared with the type of yoga. For the beginner of yogis, you can go for the basic mat that is not too costly until you figure out how your body responds to yoga and types.

For flow yoga, it is an important factor that chooses the softness of the yoga mat. It is also necessary while mats made of materials with good absorbing ability are best for hot yoga.

A majority of yoga mats are made of Polyvinylchloride commonly known as PVC or vinyl. There are also a variety of others made from more natural, friendly materials such as cotton, jute, recycled and natural rubber.

Yoga mats can be classified into different groups depending on the type of material used to make them. It is essential to consider the kind of material used because it may impact on the way you feel when practicing.

In essence, an ideal mat should make you feel balanced and comfortable while training. You should consider the following options before you choose a specific type of yoga mats material.

Comfortable Foam

Unlike other materials like PVC, the foam is eco-friendly, meaning it poses no harmful side effects on the environment.


While PVC offers good durability, stickiness, and comfort, it has been criticized for not being environmentally friendly.


Like foam, rubber is also eco-friendly and can make an excellent alternative for PVC mats since it is made of latex. However, if you are allergic to rubber materials, you should try another option. You can use anti-allergic yoga mats.


Cotton mats are often placed on tops of standard yoga mats like PVC and rubber to offer warmth and comfort while practicing. It is also light and environmentally friendly hence it makes a great choice for environmental enthusiasts.


Just like cotton mats, jute materials offer great resiliency and sustainability so you can place them on top of other materials like foam to give you excellent traction and superior support while training. Even so, jute tends to have more fibrous and rough materials which absorb less moisture, unlike cotton.

Note: If you are the allergic problem to any material a particular type of mat, you should avoid it. You can buy another yoga mat which is made by the anti-allergic used material. So soft cotton yoga mat would be better for you. Other factors worth considering are the texture of the material, eco-friendliness, and style and price range.

best yoga mat

The Thickness of the Yoga Mats

The thickness of your mat plays a major role in comfort. It is noteworthy to state that standard yoga mats are usually 1/8 of an inch thick while others are 1/4 inch thick; a few others are 1/16 inch. Before choosing one, consider your body size, and portability and storage room.

It is advised that more petite body-sized people and those whose joints easily get sore go for thicker mats. Robust framed people can opt for the mats that are 1/8 of an inch thick. Bear in mind that the lighter the mat, the easier it is to fold but never sacrifice your comfort in practice for ease in folding.

There are three main mat thicknesses: W, 1/8, and 1/1 thickness. If your yoga mat is too thin, it may be stressful to perform certain poses. On the contrary, if your mat is too thick, it may be difficult to sustain your balance and even hold a pos.

Hence it is imperative to think about the advantages as well as disadvantages of each thickness before shopping for the best yoga mat.

1/8 inch thickness

This is a high-end mat, offering the best support and comfort. It is usually heavy and less portable thanks to more cushioning and tougher materials used to make it 1/8 inch thickness.

This type of mat is common amongst most yoga enthusiasts, giving the perfect combination of performance and portability. It also provides enough cushioning to your knees and joints. Besides, it is relatively light so you won’t strain to pack and unload every day.

1/16 inch thickness

This type of mat will fit into virtually any types of yoga mat. Hence it makes the perfect choice for yoga enthusiasts who are constantly up and about.

Moreover, it is an excellent option for you, if you favor the natural feeling of touching the floor.

Sizes of the Yoga Mat

Size is equally an important factor to consider when purchasing your yoga mat. Standard mats measure about 24-inches by 68 inches, but this can vary from one vendor to another. Some mats can have lengths that measure up to 71, 72 and even 84 in other cases.

Most yogis usually fit in a standard size mat, but some yogis may have to start out by trying to perform a downward-facing on an average yoga mat. In essence, an ideal yoga mat length should make your hands and feet feel sheltered and secured.

The Stickiness of the Yoga Mat

In yoga, stickiness is measured by how well your skin attaches or sticks to your mat. It may also be known as the stickiness factor. This factor refers to a typical suction-like stickiness that allows you to keep your pose and sustain proper alignment.

Some materials like foam and PVC mats tend to have a higher stickiness factor while others like rubber have moderate or low stickiness. Even so, you should ensure to keep your foam and PVC tidy since their stickiness reduces with dirt. Jute and cotton mats do not have any stickiness, unlike from the most mats.


The significance of texture in maintaining balance and proper posture while practicing cannot be understated. A textured surface will prevent you from sliding and slipping while exercising if you are sweaty so ensure to choose a mat with sufficient traction and grip. You should avoid PVC mats since they are slippery and opt for materials like cotton, foam, and jute instead.

However, if you like smoothness and extra support, go for PVC and foam mats instead. The idea is that PVC may not offer adequate support when they are wet, so it is vital to keep them dry.

Types of Yoga

The type of your yoga may also play a role in deciding your choice of mat. But if you are a newbie, you may not know what type of yoga can be suitable for you.

You will be passionate about hence this factor may not contribute to deciding what type of mat you will purchase.

However, if you have a favorite pose, it should play an important role in assisting you to pick your next mat. For more active yoga types like yoga power which involve, sliding, stretching and bending go for textured mats.

To wrap up, shopping for the right yoga mat may isn’t about looking for the most luxurious or the fanciest-looking materials, but instead selecting the one that will help you to do your yoga safely and suitably.

That is to say, if you feel all right on your mat, little else matters. But that is not to say you shouldn’t buy a brand new yoga mat of your choice. As a final point, our guide should help you make better decisions when purchasing your next yoga mat.


When purchasing a mat as a yogi, you should consider your safety above everything else. Buy a mat that will keep you safe while at the same time giving you room to improve your yoga skills and get the most out of every session.

In conclusion, choosing the best yoga mat for you may require trial and error. Asking your yoga classmates or following a guide such as this could help you save the cost of having to purchase several mats to find the one that suits you. Never compromise comfort for style!

One should look for a mat that will last longer and is easy to clean. The rug should be able to accommodate you and have a good grip even during those times when you are sweating. Get advice from your instructor on what best can work for you.

Good luck!

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