The Best Water Filter Pitcher – Top 10 Models Reviewed!

Best Water Filter Pitcher

Fresh and safe drinking water is one of the essential gateways to a healthy life. You don’t know how clean the water is from the source you get it. Water filtering helps to eliminate more than three hundred pollutants found in water. A water filter pitcher has a reservoir and a filter cartridge which filters and purifies the water.

Moreover, the water filter pitcher is also effective in removing water pollutants that may be contained in the water. Most water filter pitcher comes with a simple design and is easily installed. We have spent many hours testing and researching on the best and top rated water filter pitcher on the market.

This shopping guide will go through the 10 best water filter pitcher in 2019 and buyer’s guide and simplifies those that have trending designs, durable and pocket-friendly for you.

10 Best Water Filter Pitcher Reviews

1. Brita Large 10 Cup Water Filter Pitcher

Brita Large 10 Cup is one of the unique and most purchased water pitcher filters in the market. One of its features is the large capacity of the clear plastic pitcher which makes refilling and pouring easy.

Ten cups capacity is sufficient for family use. Moreover, the filter is made of BPA free Brita filter. This reduces the chlorine odor and taste obtained during water treatment and purification.

Brita Large 10 Cup Water Filter Pitcher

Other substances reduced include mercury, copper, and cadmium. More than three hundred standards once water bottles can be replaced by one Brita hence reducing wastage. Another perfect feature included in this pitcher filter is the filter indicator.

The filter indicator ensures optimum performance of the water pitcher filter by notifying you of the time during the filter needs to be replaced. The recommend time average for replacements is about two months. You should replace the Brita filters after filtering nearly forty gallons which is a timeline of averagely two months.

Brita 10 Cup Everyday BPA Free Water Pitcher has a modern classic oval design. This makes it fit in almost all refrigerator doors and fulfills all your preferences. The soft grip handle enhances the pouring while the removable lid makes refilling easier. With this water pitcher filter, you can avoid the disposal of about three hundred plastic water bottles to the environment each year.

Even though not all substances reduced are contained in your water, you are assured of safe, healthy drinking water. Buy Brita 10 Cup and keep great-tasting clean water flowing approximately two months before any replacements.

2. pH RESTORE Alkaline Water Pitcher

pH RESTORE Alkaline classically designed water pitcher filter has major features including a high pH. The Alkaline machine, a water filtration system, two long-life filters, and an enhanced fourth model. The Alkaline pH machine makes the water averagely alkaline.

pH RESTORE Alkaline Water Pitcher

Some of the advantages of reducing the water acidity include disease prevention and boosted immunity. It also leads to increased metabolism that helps in losing weight and slowing down the aging process.

The ingredients contained in the filter include activated coconut carbon charcoal, zeolite, ceramic ball brand, ion exchange resin, and stone. The materials help purify the water by removing chlorine, chloramine, fluoride, and VOC’s.

Moreover, a natural taste is provided by removing the color and odor of organic and inorganic pollutants. Addition of healthy minerals including selenium and calcium gives you a healthy life. Its modern design of digital gauge and easily filled lid system updates you on the filter changing the timeline.

The huge filter capacity of about ninety-six gallons filtering before replacement saves money and also conserves the environment by 8300 water plastic bottles elimination.

Lastly, the PH002 new filter enhanced design puts this water pitcher filter AA step ahead of the others. PHO02 ultrafiltration ensures complete removal of pollutants from the water.

3. Aquagear Water Filter Pitcher

Aquagear Water Filter Pitcher features a top premium design that provides quality health and sustainability. This water filter is manufactured in the USA and is BPA free. The filter has been tested and approved by NSF; hence you are assured of a safe and quality water filter.

The triple capacity pitcher filters are more durable and of higher quality. The triple capacity filters produce approximately one hundred and fifty gallons before replacement.

Aquagear Water Filter Pitcher

The higher quality filters provide for a more exclusive contaminants removal from water. It filters two thousand percent more contaminants as compared to other filters. This is made possible by a five-stage pitcher filter with two-micron pores ensuring all pollutants are removed from the water.

The best thing about Aquagear Water Filter is that it does not strip out useful trace components such as magnesium and calcium from the water.

Moreover, the customer has a lifetime guarantee of support for repair and replacement cost. In case the filter breaks or does not properly function.

This water filter pitcher is dedicated to seeing you hydrated, healthy and purchasing one of the Aquagear Water Filter, you are contributing to helping needy people in the developing third world countries. This is through the thirst relief international.

4. MAVEA 1018903 Elemaris XL 9-Cup Water Filtration Pitcher

Water Filtration Pitcher features a combination of highest quality filtration technology and the recycling program to enhance healthy lives and a healthy planet. Its water filtration pitcher system is manufactured in Germany. Its classic modern design and look decors perfectly with most dining and kitchen rooms.

This water pitcher filter nine cup capacity makes it sufficient for a large household. The filters are of the highest quality with no action of presoaking required for activation of the filters.

MAVEA 1018903 Elemaris XL 9-Cup Water Filtration Pitcher

Moreover, black particles release in the water is reduced by the presence of the micro-screen filter. Choline odor and the taste is wholly reduced giving your water a good natural taste.

The water hardness is measured by the MAVEA smart meter. The MAVEA Maxtra filtration is modern and more effective in purification. The plastic material that manufactures the water filter is BPA free. Moreover, all size array and colors are available hence fitting to every preference and lifestyles.

Its features are very convenient and easy to use. They include a well molded rubberizes handle and feet that provides an elegant hold with no scratching and sweating when placed on countertops.

The lid automatically opens and closes when the water pitcher filter is full. If you have environmental conservation at heart, MAVEA 1005722 Elemaris XL 9-Cup Water Filtration should be your choice as it is the only one in the recycling program.

5. BWT Premium Water Filter Pitcher

BWT Premium Water Filter Pitcher is an advanced award-winning Australian quality water pitcher filter. This filter gives a better superior taste and filtration.

BWT water filter technology is the best in that it reduces heavy metals, chlorine, and scales. Moreover, it mineralizes the water with magnesium. This gives the highest ranking approval by consumers on its natural and fresh taste.

BWT Premium Water Filter Pitcher

The magnesium remineralization helps to relieve magnesium deficiency which has caused a lot of illnesses. The soft grip handle enhances the pouring while the removable lid makes refilling easier.

With this water pitcher filter, you can avoid the disposal of about three hundred plastic water bottles to the environment each year. Even though not all substances reduced are contained in your water, you are assured of safe, healthy drinking water.

Moreover, magnesium adds more crema and aroma to the taste of tea and coffee. The filter does not require presoaking to be activated. The unsurpassed filtration cleaner leaves the water free from the black bits. Additionally, it contains silver that makes the water safer by giving antimicrobial protection.

The filter has prolonged life and stable performance of filtration efficacy. BWT award-winning Austrian water filter is of compact quality. It utilizes patented magnesium technology. A sixty days bonus filter is included if you purchase the product.

6. Brita Water Filter Pitcher & Dispensers

Brita Water Filter Pitcher is the long-lasting solution for your filtration needs. One of the unique features is the three times longer life filter that gives it a lifetime of approximate six months.

As compared to the forty gallons standard Brita filters, this is a one hundred and twenty-gallon filter and is more durable. The installation of this water filter pitcher is easy and free. Moreover, it is compatible with all the Brita pitchers except the infinity and Brita stream.

Brita Water Filter Pitcher & Dispensers

Presoaking or rinsing is not required to activate the filter. Moreover, the filter has a pull cap making it easier and quicker to change. While the contaminants reduced are not contained in every user’s water, the long life filters ensure ninety-nine percent reduction of pollutants.

Some of the pollutants reduced include mercury, cadmium, asbestos, and lead. The primary objective of Brita Water Filter Pitcher is to save your money, keep the environment safe from plastic waste and hydrate you with safe, clean drinking water.

It helps reduce plastic waste due to its long-lasting ability. It can prevent the disposal of about nine hundred plastic bottles annually. Additionally, it provides excellent taste by reducing the odor and taste of chlorine mostly found in tap water.

7. EHM ULTRA Premium Alkaline Water Pitcher

EHM ULTRA Premium Alkaline Water Pitcher gives you healthy, toxin-free and clean alkaline water in minutes. The best Ph. for alkaline water lies between nine to eight which is the range provided by this water filter pitcher making your water get a lot better. As technology rise in other aspects, water technology is not left behind is one of the essential life resources.

EHM Alkaline Water Pitcher gives your water a lot of health benefits including a fresh, natural taste. Water alkalization reduces the water molecule size making it more absorbable in the body. This effectively keeps you more hydrated.

EHM ULTRA Premium Alkaline Water Pitcher

Additionally, alkaline water contains less free radicals and toxins hence boosting your immunity and energy levels. The water pitcher filter comes with premium quality and is manufactured with the best available materials. The manufacturing processes undergo strict quality control ensuring the production of the best product.

Each filter is shaped to fit into any of your refrigerators conveniently.

The 3.5 liters capacity is enough for a household without additional hassles of having to refill it often. EHM ULTRA Premium Alkaline Water Pitcher utilizes the composite six stage filter cartridge system to remove chlorine, and heavy metals while adding essential minerals including antioxidants, magnesium, potassium, and calcium.

8. Nakii Water Filter Pitcher

Nakii Long-Lasting Water Filter Pitcher takes care of your family healthier water needs. It ensures that you and your entire household enjoy crystal clear healthy water with an added great taste.

This pitcher water filter is made in an elegant modern design that keeps your home décor in mind while you choose the best model you want.

Nakii Water Filter Pitcher

It makes your water safe by removing approximately ninety-seven percent of water pollutants including chlorine, mercury, sediments, heavy metals, and rust. The filter also eliminates bad odor and color from your water giving it a great, fantastic taste.

The Nakii filters used in this water pitcher are manufactured with the highest quality activated carbon fiber. This is designed to adsorb and remove the water contaminants in your water. Activated carbon fiber is ten times more efficient as compared to carbon filters. This means the water will be cleaner and your family will be more protected and healthier.

The best thing is that it’s fast. You will have 1.3 liters clean and safe drinking water within one minute, keep the environment safe from plastic waste and hydrate you with safe, clean drinking water. It helps reduce plastic waste due to its long-lasting ability. It can prevent the disposal of about nine hundred plastic bottles annually.

Additionally, it provides excellent taste by reducing the odor and taste of chlorine mostly found in tap water. It’s sleek; classic design enables it to be placed in most refrigerators door. It is also easy to refill and pour spout.

9. DRAGONN pH Restore Alkaline Water Pitcher

This water pitcher filter utilizes a multiple stage filter cartridge. Its constituents include tourmaline, exchange resin, carbon, and mineral balls. These filter ingredients combine to remove water pollutants including copper, lead, and zinc.

They also remove heavy metals, odors and chlorine making your water delicious and tasting great. The filters should be replaced after sixty days, and the replacements are available from Amazon.

DRAGONN pH Restore Alkaline Water Pitcher

The water is made alkaline making you benefit from its many benefits. Some of the benefits include toxins elimination that increases your immunity and energy levels.

Its unique design decors perfectly with the kitchen room furniture and easily fits any refrigerator. The features that come with it include an ergonomic handle for increased user comfort.

The easy to fill lead and easy pour spout makes refilling and pouring perfectly. Moreover, this water filter is environmentally friendly and economical as it helps reduce plastic water bottles disposal. The water perfectly filtered into well clustered micro molecules improving on its absorption.

10. ZeroWater 10 Cup Pitcher

ZeroWater, Ten Cup Pitcher is one of the favorite water pitcher filters in the market. Its high quality is NSF certified due to its ability to reduce lead and other heavy metals.

The ten cup BPA free water filter has an additional water quality meter that tests the various constituents in your water. Unlike the common water pitcher filters, ZeroWater 10 Cup Pitcher has a five-stage water filtration system that ensures your water is a hundred percent safe for consumption.

ZeroWater 10 Cup Pitcher

Other than carbon filters, zero water has additional ion exchange technology filters that improve filtration and removal of contaminants. 99.6 percent of water pollutants are removed which is two times more than other water pitcher filters.

Zero water pitcher gives you a variety of options including bottle filtration and portable cup filters to remove impurities from your water. Moreover, this water filter is universally compatible with other water filters including Nakii, Aquagear, Brita and aqua Sana. Zero water is the market brand that offers you the highest quality water filtration.

Features to Consider When Buying a Water Filter Pitcher


The capacity of the water filter is essential to consider especially if it is to serve the whole household. You should not worry about the capacity if you are alone. A larger water pitcher filter about ten cups saves you the cost of having to keep refilling it.


Most of the water pitcher filters are easy to install. However, in most of them, you have to keep changing the carbon cartilage frequently.

The best pitcher filter should have more durable carbon cartilage to be replaced after about four months of usage. It is remarkable also to note that no pitcher can survive without cleaning and changing the carbon cartilage.

Water Pitcher Filter Material

The plastic material gives most pitchers the lightweight characteristic and affordability. However, you should look for BPA free plastic materials that do not cause a health hazard. Low quality plastics may end up adding more toxicity from the water filter jug than you may get from unfiltered water.

Ease of Cleaning and Use

A water pitcher filter should have a simple design that is easy to clean and use. It should not have many corners and tubes that make cleaning difficult. Cleaning prevents the development of bacteria, algae or fungi in the container keeping your water safe and clean.


Q: Which is the best water filter to buy?

Ans: As stated above, I have reviewed the best water pitcher filters in the market. If you buy any of these reviewed products am sure your needs will be fully satisfied. However, you should consider the features discussed to choose the one that fits best for your preferences.

Q: Why use a water pitcher filter?

Ans: A water filter pitcher contains ingredients such as iodine and charcoal that helps to eliminate water pollutants and filters material sediments from water. This provides an easy and simple way to have clean drinking water.


Installing a full filtration system is expensive for most people. Water pitcher filters give you the best way to filter your water and keep healthy.

Keep your household safe from all the water contaminants that include sediments, waste chemicals, pathogens, and heavy metals by purchasing one of the reviewed water pitcher filters. With these filters, you get safe and clean water on your table all the fridge any time.

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