Best Shower Drain Hair Catcher

Best Shower Drain Hair Catcher: Our Top 10 Selection

Don’t underestimate the fine hairs that go down the drain. Over time, it can clog the drainage pipe and lead to serious blockages, something that can cost you hundreds of dollars in plumbing fees. But you wouldn’t want that, would you? Well, having the best shower drain hair catcher is a sure way to avoid pricey plumbing bills.

For me, a hair catcher is pretty much an inexpensive solution to an expensive problem.  It’s a good preventive measure that not only keeps out hair and debris but also minimizes unsightly mess. Some even have fancy designs to upgrade the look of your bathroom.

But what’s the best shower hair catcher to consider? In this post, I’ll review the best shower drain hair catchers that will save you precious time and money cleaning up hair from the drain. Also, I’ll touch on the features to consider when picking the best hair catcher.

Best Shower Drain Hair Catcher: Our Top 10 Selections

1. OXO Good Grips Bathtub Drain Protector

OXO is among the big names in the world of shower drain protectors. It’s known for its high-quality products, and OXO Good Grips shower drain protector is no different.

But how do I rank it on the list?

For me, this is the overall best shower drain screen and the best bathtub hair catcher. It’s remarkable and does its job brilliantly.

So, how does it keep out hair and other debris?

This shower drain hair catcher has numerous elliptical holes. They grasp the hair without disrupting water flow through the drain. Hence, it dramatically reduces the chance of clogging.

Any other features that improve the performance?

Yes, this drain screen has a non-slip silicone rim. It establishes a secure connection, hence keeps the drain protector from sliding around the floor.

How about compatibility?

Okay, this 2.75-inch flat-shaped drain screen is configured for bathtub drains. Still, it can work with other standard flat drains in showers and sinks.

Also, the flat-shaped design comes with a few benefits.

First, it doesn’t get in your way when showering. Again, there’s zero chance you’ll trip over it. Lastly, the flat shape makes it easy to clean. More often than not, the cleaning process won’t take more than two minutes.

Anything else I should know about this shower drain hair catcher?

Yes, this drain protector combines silicone and stainless steel construction. Therefore, it offers durable, rust-proof performance.


  • Durable construction
  • Scaled for a perfect fit
  • Non-slip silicone rim
  • Easy to clean


  • Needs more regular cleaning

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2. TubShroom Revolutionary Tub Drain Protector

Don’t you like the look of standard shower drain hair catchers? Here’s a more subtle option from TubShroom revolutionary drain protector.

Well, here are a few things worth noting.

This drain protector has an award-winning patented design that beats most hair catchers by a mile. Also, it’s the best overall fan-favorite shower drain hair catcher.

But why the patented mushroom-shaped design?

First, the mushroom design fits inside your shower drain. Hence, it grabs and collects hair without leaving any buildup on top. For that, it doesn’t create any unsightly mess on the shower floor.

Also, the mushroom design has a bottom ring that provides yet another barrier. It catches any stray hair and larger debris, keeping them from slipping down the drain.

Again, the design provides optimal width and height. Plus, it has extra feet and holes. Because of that, it allows the water to flow around freely.

Lastly, the hair wraps neatly around the flange, allowing for easy disposal.

So, which drain sizes are best for this shower drain hair catcher?

TubShroom drain protector is for the standard 1.5-inch tub and kitchen sink drains. Still, it can also fit drain sizes of up to 1.75 inches. TubShroom also recommends it for 2-inch stand-up shower stall drains.

How easy is the cleaning process?

All you do is pop it out, rinse, and fit it back. And according to TubShroom, you can go weeks without cleaning out this catcher, thanks to the ingenious clog-free design.

Did you know?

TubShroom drain protector is available in five colors. Hence, you can pick one that doesn’t contrast with your shower base.


  • High-quality silicone material
  • Keeps trapped hair and debris out of sight
  • More efficient drainage
  • Easy to clean
  • 60-day return policy


  • Some might find it a bit difficult to remove the hair.

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3. LEKEYE Shower Hair Catcher Drain Protector

So, where do we place the LEKEYE shower drain hair catcher?

Well, LEKEYE is the best flat-shaped hair catcher. It has a more ingenious design and has the best ratings of any other flat-shaped shower drain hair catcher.

But what makes it different from other flat-shaped drain protectors, such as OXO?

Okay, the LEKEYE hair catcher has smaller holes. So, it’s a better performer in trapping finer hair and debris.

At 4.75 inches, this hair catcher also has a pretty large circumference. Hence, it can trap hair and debris before getting near the drain.

Also, the LEKEYE drain protector has a universal design. Therefore, it can fit any standard shower drain opening.

Unlike the OXO shower drain hair catcher, it has an intermediate semi-circle design. For this reason, it allows smoother drainage.

Any other features I should know?

Like the OXO drain hair catcher, this drain protector has a flat shape that sits flush on the floor. The design is easy to clean, and you’re less likely to trip over it. Additionally, it keeps the silicone from curling or tearing up over time.

Moreover, this drain protector has a silicone edge that keeps the drain in place. But that’s not all. It also acts as a pre-filter to block foreign objects.

The center is made of stainless steel. Therefore, this is a hair drain catcher that won’t rust or corrode over time.


  • High-quality materials
  • Non-slip silicone edge
  • Easy-to-clean, flat design
  • Two hair catchers in one pack
  • Large diameter fits any drain size
  • Smoother drainage


  • Tends to move a bit if you step on it

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4. GOOD LIVING Self-Sealing Hair Catcher

It’s insanely affordable. However, GOOD LIVING shower drain hair catcher goes a long way to save you several bucks.

So, what makes it stand out?

Okay, unlike other brands, this shower drain protector seals on its own. As such, it delivers peerless performance. Also, it fits multiple drain sizes on sinks, showers, and tubs. Indeed, it’s among the most versatile shower drain hair catchers on the market.

Also, it has a finger lift that makes it easy to pop it out for cleaning.

At 4.75 inches, this self-sealing hair catcher is also one of the largest. Hence, it’s more effective at making sure no hair or debris finds its way into the drain pipe.

How durable is the material?

Well, this drain protector comes in a flexible, high-grade silicone material. By using natural suction, it lies and stays down flat on any drain.

Also worth noting.

GOOD LIVING shower drain hair catcher is available in a pack of one, two, or three. Hence, depending on the number of drains, you can find the perfect package that suits you. Additionally, it has a whitish color that blends seamlessly with the existing décor.


  • High-grade silicone material
  • Self-sealing technology
  • Fits multiple drain sizes
  • Finger lift for easy cleaning


  • Tends to let through finer hair

5. OXO Good Grips Pop-Up Silicone Drain Protector

Another excellent shower drain hair catcher from OXO. Only this time, it’s dome-shaped.

I think you’d love to know this.

This is the most reviewed shower drain hair catcher from OXO. And not only is it the best hair catcher for pop-up drains, but also the most versatile.

But what makes it more versatile?

Generally, flat shower drain hair catchers don’t work on pop-up shower drains. Hence, OXO offers a more ingenious solution in this shower drain hair catcher.  It fits pop-up and flat drains equally.

Well, the tall, dome-shaped design offers more than versatility.

It also keeps small toys from falling and escaping down the drain.

Any other cutting-edge features that make this shower hair drain catcher stand out?

Yes, it has a soft rim that sits flat and flush on the floor. It keeps hair and debris from slipping through accidentally.

Moreover, this drain protector is weighted. Hence, it stays firmly in place.

Though not a cutting-edge feature perse, I like the construction material. It combines steel and silicone for durable, rust-resistant performance.

So, what drain size I’m I looking at?

Well, OXO Good pop-up hair catcher fits up to 4.5-inch drains.


  • Durable materials
  • Fits both flat and pop-up drains
  • A weighted design keeps it still
  • Stops toys from falling through


  • You can trip over it easily.

6. Danco 10306 Tub/Drain Hair Catcher

For most people, spending over ten bucks on a shower drain hair catcher sounds rather silly. Well, that’s one of the reasons we love this drain hair catcher. It’s damn cheap but gets the damn job done.

Here’s also what we think about this shower drain hair catcher.

It has one of the best innovative, user-friendly designs.

But how?

First, it has a 2-piece design. It comprises a detachable in-drain hair catcher basket and an outer strainer. Well, the design allows for more straightforward assembly and cleaning. Also, it creates a larger surface that lasts a few shower sessions before having to clean.

So, how does it trap hair and debris?

Okay, this drain protector uses small holes and unique tiny pegs to trap hair and debris. The holes are so tiny that they stop anything but water.

Did you know?

Danco 10306 hair catcher has one of the fanciest designs, thanks to the innovative silicone petals. And pairing with the white finish, it offers a classic style that blends nicely with most shower fixtures.

However, the silicone petals offer more than beauty. They also have suction cups to keep the drain protector in one place.

As mentioned, this hair catcher makes cleaning easier. But how?

Well, the basket unscrews easily from the strainer. Additionally, it has a handle that makes it easy to lift and pop out for cleaning.

How about drain compatibility?

Danco 10306 drain protector offers a universal fit for bathtub drains up to 4.5 inches. Also, it fits all standard shower drains.

Another thing you should know.

This hair catcher is also available in a three-pack. That makes it a handy choice if you have more drains to protect.


  • 2-piece design
  • Convenient pull-out handle
  • Removable basket for easy cleaning
  • Beautiful petal design
  • Suction cups keep it in one place


  • The edges tend to curl up over time but are easy to suction back.

7. SlipX Solutions Stop-A-Clog Drain Protector

Do you like cute decorations but unwilling to spend more? Well, this flower-shaped drain protector should catch your eye. It’s among the cheapest and cutest hair catchers on the market.

Not only that.

SlipX Stop-A-Clog drain protector is also one of the best flat shower drain hair catchers.

So, what features make it stand out?

First, it’s a beautiful display that complements most existing bathroom decors.

Again, it has gaps that ensure good water flow yet prevent hair and debris from getting into the drain.

And more than just provide aesthetics, the silicone petals grip onto the floor. So, this drain protector stays in one place.

Also, cleaning is made easier. Here’s how.

Once full, you only need to wipe this drain protector to keep it clean. Even more remarkable, this shower drain hair catcher is machine washable.

Well, about compatibility.

SlipX Clog-A-Drain hair catcher is designed to fit over standard flat drains.  You can use it on the tub or open shower drains.

Even more impressive.

This drain hair catcher has multiple color options to suit your style. Moreover, it comes in a pack of two. So, if you have two bathrooms or plan to switch out the hair catcher regularly, this will suffice.


  • Fancy flower-shaped design
  • Non-slip suction cups
  • Machine washable
  • Multiple color options


  • Suction cups are a bit hard to press down.

8. Danco 10529 3-Inch Hair Catcher for Stand-Alone Shower

Do you have a stand-alone shower enclosure? Well, Danco 10529 hair catcher is for you.

But what’s special about this shower drain hair catcher?

Okay, it has a three-piece design comprising a strainer, edge ring, and a hidden snap-in basket. The basket catches any hair and debris that fall through, trapping them below the surface. Therefore, it eliminates any unsightly mess on the floor.

Also equally great.

The basket detaches for easy removal and cleaning. Moreover, the package includes three baskets. Hence, you can simply discard it or replace it with a new one.

This shower drain hair catcher is also stylish and durable. But how?

Well, it has a metal ring and a durable plastic basket. Thus, it’s something that will endure the rigors of everyday use.

Secondly, it has a chrome finish. More than provide rust protection, it also gives a classic look that complements your existing décor.

So, what shower drain size is it for?

Well, once slipped in, this drain protector sits completely flat and provides a perfect fit on standard 3-inch shower drains. More specifically, it’s for stand-alone shower enclosures.


  • Durable materials
  • Fancy chrome finish
  • Keeps trapped hair out of sight
  • Comes with three replaceable baskets
  • Easy to clean


  • Only great for stand-alone showers

9. Umbra Starfish Drain Cover/Hair Catcher

This drain protector will make you want to look down more often at your shower drain. After all, isn’t it cute? It has a starfish-shaped design that looks beautiful and gets the job done.

Did you know?

The Umbra starfish hair catcher has a slightly raised center. Apart from lying flat across flat drains, it can also curve around pop-up drains.

But there are even more features to love.

As it turns out, this hair catcher comes in BPA-free, dishwasher safe silicone material. Therefore, it’s easy to keep it extra clean. Additionally, it has five suction cups to keep it from sliding.

At 6 inches across, this drain catcher is also pretty large. Hence, it can fit most drain sizes.

Are you looking for more than just a fun shape?

Well, you’ll be happy to know this hair catcher comes in fun colors as well. You get it in white, black, or surf blue to match your bathroom décor.


  • Beautiful starfish shape
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Can fit flat and pop-up drains
  • Anti-slide suction cups
  • Multiple color choices


  • Small holes tend to slow down drainage.

10. Hair Snare Drain Cover Universal

Hair Snare drain protector offers a newer, fast drainage design. But does it measure up to your expectations? Let’s find out.

First, the flexible silicone material offers self-sealing technology. Hence, it can fit most drain sizes.

Did you know that this shower drain hair catcher is also among the most versatile?

As it turns out, this drain protector can lay flat across the drain or cone up. Therefore, it can fit both pop-up and flat drains.  Not only that, it’s perfect for most sinks, showers, and tubs.

But how about the drain size?

Okay, this hair catcher provides a universal fit. Hence, it fits most standard shower drains.

Cleaning is also made easier.

According to most reviewers, this shower drain hair catcher is easy to pop out for cleaning. It’s a speedy process that takes only three seconds.


  • Fits flat and pop-up drains
  • Universal fit for most standard shower drains
  • Flexible, self-sealing silicone material


  • Fine lint tends to clog the holes a little

Best Shower Drain Hair Catcher: Complete Guide


When searching for the best hair catcher for shower drain, you’ll notice they come in two main types: shower drain screens and in-drain hair catchers.

So, which is perfect for you?  Let’s find out.

Shower drain screens

Shower screens capture hair and debris even before they have a chance to slip in. Hair builds up over it, hence making it easy to know when it’s full and ready for disposal.

The downside is that it doesn’t often stay in place. Therefore, consider shower drain screens that are weighted or have suction cups.

In-drain hair catchers

In-drain hair catchers grab hair and other debris as soon as they enter the drain. It’s a good option for keeping the unsightly, trapped hair hidden.

However, you’re less likely to notice when it’s full or needs cleaning. And unlike shower drain screens, it’s a bit more complicated to install.


There are different material options to consider. Typically, shower drain hair catchers come in silicone, stainless steel, or plastic.

Essentially, you want a material that can last for years. Also, it should be able to resist water and heat.


Silicone is a more flexible, easy-to-clean material. Also, it doesn’t slip around the shower.


Often, plastic hair catchers tend to be flimsy. Also, they get covered with grime quickly. It’s for this reason that I haven’t included plastic hair catchers on the list.

Stainless steel

Stainless steel may not stay in place quite as silicone. So, if you pick a stainless steel hair catcher, consider one that is weighted or has a silicone edge. On the brighter side, stainless steel is durable and rust-resistant.


Typically, we have flat-shaped and pop-up drains. So, consider the shape of your existing shower drain.

For flat drains, pick hair catchers that sit flat and flush on the floor. For raised or pop-up drains, consider dome-shaped hair catchers that can curve around them. Well, for your attention, pop-up hair catchers also work on flat drains.

Drain Size

So, how wide is your shower drain? Well, take time to measure that diameter to find the perfect size of a hair catcher.

Most shower drain hair catchers provide a universal fit. Hence, they can fit most standard shower drains. Most are typically 2 inches. They can, however, be wider or narrower.

Also, check for the manufacturer’s recommendation regarding the right drain size for a particular drain protector.

Clog-Free Performance

A good hair catcher should trap hair and debris but allow the water to flow freely. Hence, pick a hair catcher that has enough drainage holes for that.


The best hair drain catcher should be easy to clean.

Among the top considerations, pick one that’s easy to pop out from the drain when it’s time to clean. Additionally, it should be easy to wipe clean or safe to put in a dishwasher for thorough cleaning.


I recommend picking a hair catcher that looks great in your shower. So, consider one that has some aesthetic appeal. It can be fun colors or fancy designs. But whichever you choose, ensure it complements your bathroom décor.


Question: How do I clean a shower hair catcher?

Answer: Well, it’s simple. Unscrew or pop it out and remove as much hair as possible. Afterward, use equal parts of vinegar and hot water to get rid of the remaining dirt and grime.

Question: How often should I clean my shower hair catcher?

Answer: It depends on how much hair is shed on the shower floor and the type of shower hair catcher.

You’ll have to clean more if you have a shower drain screen or shave more frequently. You can do it daily or weekly.

However, for in-drain shower hair catchers, you can go longer without cleaning. You can do it once a month.

Question: What chemicals can I use to dissolve hair?

Answer: Well, I recommend bleach. Just pour a cup of liquid bleach down the drain.


No one likes the idea of fishing out hair clogs from the drain. Also, not all of us are willing to spend a fortune on plumbing fees. Well, the best shower drain hair catcher offers a cheaper yet ingenious solution. And it’s not a one-time solution, but one that will protect your shower drain for years. So, it makes sense to invest in one before trouble comes knocking.

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