Best Printer for Envelopes

The 5 Best Printer for Envelopes – Check Our Top Picks!

Believe it or not, there is still a high demand for printing envelopes. Even in today’s digital age, mailings still have a place in some business models. If you do the mailings in your office or even at home, it’s important to have a printer that can handle a high volume with a readable print that you can customize. Here are a few tips and reviews to help you find the best printer for envelopes.

Best Printer for Envelope Reviews

1. DYMO LabelWriter 450 Label Printer

Perfect for printing labels on envelopes, the DYMO LabelWriter 450 can create barcodes, graphics, and labels. This direct thermal label printer is perfect for organizing at the office or home. This is an efficient solution for mailing and filing projects that can print labels right for Google Contacts, Word, Excel, or Microsoft Outlook.

You no longer have to worry about dealing with the extra work that is manually feeding sheets of labels can cause when you use a regular desktop printer. When you use direct thermal printing technology, you can get rid of the cost of toner and ink with a printer that is Windows and Microsoft compatible. This compact printer will also make an attractive addition to a modern workspace, plus it is super easy to use.

You can boost your productivity with the professional-grade DYMO LabelWriter 450 thanks to an easy connect feature from your Mac or PC. Capable of printing super clear graphics and barcodes, you can customize the printing labels using DYMO Label software. It is also super-fast and able to print 40line standard address labels up to 51 labels a minute.

You also don’t have the waste that comes with sheets of labels since the DYMO LabelWriter 450 will print the precise quantity you want. And, you can print on labels in a variety of sizes adding to the machine’s versatility. Plus, it also is capable of conserving power with its “sleep mode”.


  • You can print stamps as well as labels.
  • It’s really easy to use with the included software.
  • It reduces a lot of waste and saves you money.


  • The label dispense button is placed in a bad spot that is easy to hit accidentally.
  • The tear-off cutter feature cuts the roll of stamps too short.

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2. Brother QL-800 Label Printer

With super-fast printing, the Brother QL-800 Label Printer uses advanced technology to print in either red or black on any label’s printable area. It is a business-quality label printer that can print barcodes, file folders, packages, and envelopes. It can rapidly print up to 93 standard address labels a minute using black text at 300 dpi, allowing you to save time with those more extensive projects.

The Brother Label Printer is one of the few on the market that can print two colors on a label with exceptional print quality. You can easily print and create custom labels by downloading the free Brother iPrint & Label app that lets you design labels with an Android device. Using direct thermal printing, you won’t need to deal with ribbons, inks, or tones.

The included DK rolls are easy to use by just dropping them in. Compatible with Windows and Mac, the Brother Label Printer also integrates with Microsoft Word and Outlook. When you use the “Plug & Label” feature, there is no need to worry about software installation if you are using a Windows PC.

The Brother Label Printer is a high-speed, professional label printer that utilizes unique technology allowing you to print in high visibility on a label. This printer is definitely a cost-effective method to print postage, name badges, and labels for packages.


  • It’s a convenient way to print postage.
  • You don’t have to worry about ink replacements.
  • It’s super easy to use with no software downloads needed.


  • Software isn’t user-friendly.
  • It doesn’t have a wireless print capability.

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3. HP OfficeJet Pro 8025 Wireless Printer

An all-in-one wireless printer, the HP OfficeJet Pro helps to set a new standard in office productivity, making it the best printer for envelopes and labels. With the HP OfficeJet Pro, you have a printer that meets your needs at the office or at home. It includes features like a color touchscreen and smart tasks that help to save time while increasing productivity.

You can also maintain control and privacy while reducing interruptions with the self-healing Wi-Fi and high-quality security system. You can easily connect to this wireless printer and be confident in the quality of the prints. You can print 20 pages per minute, which include scans, faxes, and color copies.

You can also organize documents 50 percent faster by eliminating repetitive steps and syncing to Google Drive or QuickBooks. Plus, if you use Smart Tasks, you will have one of the easiest ways to organize and digitize documents and receipts on your phone. You can also print remotely using the HP Smart app, which lets you scan on the go, copy, print, monitor ink level, and access your scanner and printer.

The self-healing WI-FI helps to ensure that you stay connected. It detects issues and undergoes up to three stages of reconnection, automatically keeping your Wi-Fi reliable and stable. There is also a built-in security measure that helps to keep sensitive data protected like your passwords and documents. Plus, a sustainable design is environmentally friendly and created with recycled plastics and other electronics.


  • It’s easy to connect and, if you use the app, you can print things remotely.
  • You get high-quality prints, and its touchscreen is easy to use.
  • It keeps you organized, and you can make documents digital pretty easy.


  • It has problems staying connected to the network.
  • The paper drawer is flimsy and hard to use.

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4. Epson WorkForce Pro Color Printer

This all-in-one color printer is wireless and compact. This high capacity printer can fax, scan, and copy, enhancing your office’s productivity or in your home. Using PrecisionCore technology, you can produce prints that are print shop quality featuring laser-sharp text. It has a 500-sheet paper capacity, so you won’t have to replace paper as often and fast print speeds making it the best laser printer for envelopes on our list.

Providing up to 30% less in printing costs in comparison to a color laser printer, the Epson WorkForce Pro is also a compact and space-saving unit. It is equipped with two paper trays that can handle different types of media like envelopes as well as paper sizes. The Pro features a 2.7-inch color touchscreen for easy navigation of print jobs as well as a 35-page Auto Document Feeder and automatic two-sided printing.

Offering powerful performance, the Pro only uses Epson-brand cartridges. It comes with wi-fi connectivity that allows compatible devices and apps the ability to print to the device.


  • Easy wif-fi connectivity, so you can print from your phone or iPad.
  • It has a small footprint so that it won’t take up a lot of space in your home office.
  • It holds a ton of paper and prints fast.


  • Set up is pain
  • Printer cartridges are expensive to replace

5. Brother Business Color Laser Printer

Cost-efficient and affordable, the Brother Business Color Laser Printer features a large paper capacity and dual paper trays. Able to produce both color and black prints, it has a print speed of up to 33 pages per minute. It also comes with an automatic, built-in duplex printing feature that reduces your printing costs while creating professional-looking two-sided booklets, presentations, brochures, and documents.

Easily connect to the Brother Laser Printer with built-in Gigabit Ethernet and wireless interfaces that let you share the printer with anyone on the network. Print from your transportable device or use the touchscreen display to print from OneDrive, Dropbox, or Google Drive.

Featuring advanced security features, the Brother Laser Printer is equipped with an NFC card-reader that provides easy badge authentication along with Active Directory support that lets you use network user authentication. This laser printer is Dash Replenishment–enabled that lets you monitor the toner level and order toner when it is low. This allows your office to operate efficiently, so you don’t ever run out of toner.


  • It has a great toner monitor, so you don’t get caught without toner before a big project.
  • This is super easy to connect to the printer that you can use your phone with
  • It can duplex, which saves a lot on paper, and is super handy.


  • It doesn’t stay connected to the wi-fi well.
  • Customer service isn’t excellent.

How To Choose The Best Printer For Printing Envelopes


One of the biggest considerations for an envelope printer, the printer’s volume, will determine whether it’s a good fit for your mailing projects. Depending on the type of print that you plan to use, it can also slow down the print speed and reduce prints’ volume for some printers.

Use a monochrome printer if you only plan to print black text on your envelopes. Monochrome laser printers are great for those that need to print hundreds of documents a day. This type of printer is often used in office environments due to its low cost, excellent text quality, and fast print speed.

A monochrome laser printer can cost about the same as a typical inkjet color printer; however, it can print large print jobs without needing the toner to be replaced. Plus, it takes a lot less for each print.

If you plan to do many color prints, you will want to look at a color laser printer. Keep in mind, though, that high volume often means lower quality.

Printer Type

If you are looking for quality over quantity, a laser printer is the best choice for the job. In comparison, an inkjet printer is better for large quantities that don’t have to worry about great print quality. If you don’t need to print color text on your envelope, choose a monochrome laser printer. A monochrome laser printer prints faster use less toner and are cheaper over a long period of time.

If you need a little better-quality color print, but not super high quality, look into a color inkjet printer. It uses pigment-based inks that can last a few years. However, the cost per page is higher than a laser printer, which is often missed due to their initial cheap price.

Keep in mind that not everything is better if it is printed in color. For those that want a simple print style in black ink, a monochrome printer is the best type for the job. Since a color printer requires repeating the printing process four times and combining black, yellow, red, and blue color, they can be slower due to the complex printing process as well as more expensive since they need four different toners.

Print Quality

The type of print you want on your envelope will also dictate which type of printer to use. For instance, if you are interested in an elegant look, then you should use an inkjet printer. Inkjet printers are pretty popular for home offices since they create a high-quality color document that includes photos that look as good as those printed by a professional printing machine.

Most inkjet printers use dye-based ink, while some use pigmented ink that makes prints last longer that are also water-resistant. If you have a low to average range print volume, this is the right choice for daily use.

Usage Cost

Typically, the initial cost for an inkjet printer is pretty low. Those that only use it occasionally can be a great choice since the cost associated with this printer comes from using it. You can end up consuming a lot of money if you plan to print in large quantities.

That’s where laser printers come in. They are an excellent choice for large print volumes. Even though they are more expensive in their initial costs, they keep each page’s costs pretty low. So, if you plan to print in large quantities, having a cheap envelope printer is best thanks to its low maintenance.

A laser printer uses a type of powder named toner. When the laser printer generates an electrostatic charge, it will transfer the toner onto the paper, where it is then engraved onto the page through a heating process.

Remember that a laser printer will cost you less than an inkjet printer over a long time, plus they tend to print faster and have better durability. So, depending on your print volume, you should choose the type that fits your needs best.


How Do You Print an Envelope from your Printer?

It’s easy! If you are using Microsoft Word, go to the Mailing tab and choose an envelope. Fill out the Delivery Address and Return Address boxes and then choose to Add to Document before saving the file like you normally would. Send your document through a USB or WiFi to your printer to print the envelopes. For questions about the printer itself, consult the printer’s manual or call customer service.

What Sizes Envelopes Will A Printer Accommodate?

Similar to standard printing, envelopes come in several different sizes that you can choose from. DL Envelopes are the most popular and can fit an A4 paper folded into three. For those wanting to print a larger envelope size, the C4 envelope size will fit an A4 unfolded while C3 envelopes will fit A3 papers unfolded.

What Types of Paper Types Are Used for Envelope Printing?

You can pick from many types of paper when it comes to printing envelopes. This includes Wove, a pretty economical choice, Surface-Enhanced White Wove for heavier ink designs, and Recycled paper, which is excellent for keeping their projects environmentally friendly.

Final Verdict

The winner of the best printer for envelopes is the Epson WorkForce Pro. Wireless and compact, this all-in-one printer can fax, scan, and copy, helping to enhance your productivity at your office or in your home. Using PrecisionCore technology, you can produce a print that is print shop quality featuring laser-sharp text.

This high-capacity printer can hold 500 sheets of paper, so you won’t have to replace paper as often, and fast print speeds. Providing up to 30% less in printing costs than a color laser printer, the Epson WorkForce Pro is also a compact and space-saving unit. It is equipped with two paper trays that can handle different types of media like envelopes and paper sizes.

The Pro features a 2.7-inch color touchscreen for easy navigation of print jobs as well as a 35-page Auto Document Feeder and automatic two-sided printing. It comes with wi-fi connectivity that allows compatible devices and apps the ability to print to the device. The definite winner of the best printer for envelopes is the Epson WorkForce Pro hands down.

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