The Best Portable Ice Maker Reviews and Buying Guide [2023]

Best Portable Ice Maker

When considering the best portable ice maker to purchase, it is essential to consider some factors including the size of the machine, the electrical requirements, number of people the device is to serve and finally problems associated with the specific machine.

An excellent portable ice maker has a small or medium size that enables it to be moved from one place to another. Also, the machine is adaptable to most sources of electrical power and do not require a specific electrical environment every time there is a need to use it.

Considering the features of an ice maker before purchasing it is crucial so that one can make the right decision based on facts.

Reviews of the Best Portable Ice Maker

1. hOmeLabs Portable Ice Maker Machine for Countertop

The hOmeLabs ice maker has an attractive, unique silver color that easy to clean without leaving stains. In the purchase, it comes with an ice scoop and has a 1.5 lbs. Ice storage which I comfortably use and in most cases I do not use up the storage.

The machine produces bullet shaped ice cubes in a span of 8 to 10 minutes which is convenient for me as I do not wait for too long to use the cubes.

hOmeLabs Portable Ice Maker Machine

The appealing feature about it is that it is noise sensitive as it has a noiseless compressor cooler that is ideal cases where silence is needed, or I am in need of a controlled temperature level.

Upon filling of ice cubes during the making process, the machine shuts itself down automatically, and therefore I do not need to keep monitoring it which also acts in favor of conserving electricity usage.

The machine has a removable ice basket which helps facilitate easier disbursement of large ice cube volumes in times when I need a lot of ice cubes altogether.

It has a scoop that helps in cases when I have smaller demands for using ice where I only scoop the required amounts. The machine is ready to use a device and has no complicated space requirements as it fits exactly where I hoped it would and is not usually a distraction as far as space is concerned.

For security in cases of defaults in performance, the device has a warranty for use that lasts for one year since the date of purchase. However, the machine should be advanced so that a user can specify the size of the ice cube needed.

2. Frigidaire EFIC103 ice Maker Machine Icemaker

The Frigidaire Ice maker is just perfect especially due to its large ice cube bucket which helps store a lot of ice, up to 2.2lbs of ice!

The large volume helps me in cases when I have a large number of guests and do not require to keep making ice. Due to the large basket, ice is only made once and kept refrigerated for use.

Frigidaire EFIC103 ice Maker Machine Icemaker

The machine is in stainless steel which helps especially in maintaining its clean sparkle because cleaning is easy and it does not accommodate stains. It is also convenient regarding time efficiency as it makes cubes in about 6 minutes and I do not usually need to wait for too long to use the cubes.

Also, it is easily portable and therefore can be carried even during journeys as it is as simple as any other kitchen appliance. What I love more is that the machine enables one to specify the size needed for the ice cubes.

It offers three options for sizes including small, medium and large sizes which take a precisely similar time to process. This machine, however, requires that you buy an additional scoop and ice bags as you purchase it which I think should be offered as a bonus for purchasing the machine.

Also, using the machine from the direct power source is dangerous as I had to repair mine after it malfunctioned due to a burnt fuse.

3. Opal Nugget Ice Maker

This ice maker is affordable according to the range of activities it performs ranging from making volumes and volumes of ice cubes in a day and having a simplified operating process.

The Opal Nugget is Bluetooth enabled which enables me to schedule my ice making process from the convenience of a mobile application.

Opal Nugget Ice Maker

This feature helps me proceed with my duties and activities during ice making and can easily convert and adjust settings of performance from the app. Also, the machine is voluminous and holds a whole 3lbs of ice and makes 1lbs of ice in an hour which is convenient to serve large crowds or meet a high demand or ice.

It is portable to even carry to picnics or event considering it can use any outsource electric switch without the interference of performance.

A significant problem associated with this machine is that it requires a particular quality of water. Water used on the machine must have a specific hardness level and the use of a higher one may lead to inconvenience and malfunctions.

The machine only requires potable water which comes at a higher cost than other types of water which is an added cost to the user. Also, the manufacturer should consider designing smaller sizes with the same specifications that can be used in home based applications for lesser purposes.

4. Avalon Bay AB-ICE26S Ice Maker

I preferred the Avalon Bay ice maker because it produces only a small amount of ice cubes due to its small size. Therefore, I would recommend it for small-scale ice needs in places such as small kitchens, boats, and small clubs.

Its small size is at the same time is comfortable because it only occupies a small space and won’t even know it is there until you need it and also helps in cases where there is need to move it from place to place because it is easily portable.

Avalon Bay AB-ICE26S Ice Maker

The machine helps me when I need a constant supply of ice as it has indicator lights that help indicate when the ice basket is full and also if there is need to add more water, therefore, enabling me to coordinate the processes efficiently.

It does not require installation as it is a plug-in type of machine whereby you only connect to the source of power and the ice making process begins.

The problem comes when you use an unregulated source of power. A power that exceeds the specified wattage interferes with the machine’s functioning which may require a specialist to fix.

Also, the machine does not give options on the size of ice cubes to make and in cases where I may need a specific size of ice cubes. I am forced to innovate by either breaking large sizes or using more ice.

5. Della Portable Ice Maker

This machine is in general very attractive due to its red color, and also it is built in a way that it can be placed anywhere including table tops and public places. Its making is also very conducive as it is quiet during the ice making process which allows its continued use even in situations requiring silence.

The machine is also fast as it makes ice in a short time meaning it can be used even in an ongoing event such as a party because as people use the ice cubes, the machine quickly makes others. It also has built-in water storage that gives it an overall large storage capacity that holds up to 1.8 liters of water.

Della Portable Ice Maker

The Della ice maker is also very adaptable as it can be connected directly to a water pipe which eliminates the need of continually filling its compartment with water manually.

The adaptable size of this machine can be used anywhere including small places such as boats and food outlets. In short, this machine is just enough for coolers and use in drinks and has a simple easy to touch soft-touch panel that helps control the ice making process.

The producers should make larger Della machines that can be used in more demanding situations such as larger parties.

6. Koldfront KIM202W Ultra Compact Portable Ice Maker

The first impression towards the Koldfront is the white color which makes it‘s unique and appealing. Most of the electronics are rarely painted black which makes it’s outstanding.

The Koldfront has unique features notably: first, sufficient storage capacity because it can store up to 680 grams of ice at any given time. You need not to worry about the alternative way to store the ice as it comfortably accommodated inside the ice maker.

Koldfront KIM202W Ultra Compact Portable Ice Maker

Second, high production rate since it yields 26 pounds of ice in span duration of a day. The Koldfront has some caveat as well since it does not act as a freezer. The ice produce needs alternative storage to keep it at its frozen state.

The good thing is that uses water or bottled water. It does not limit any user if they are not accessible to a specific type of water source. Koldfront ice maker is ideally intended for the users in the cabin or boat since its portable, and it can produce ice cubes within a short duration of time.

Another advantage comes on board as it has two different ice cubes thus can fit different user preference depending on their taste. The quality of the ice produced by the Koldfront is better compared to its price which makes it worth trying.

7. NewAir AI-1OOSS 28-Pound Portable Ice Maker

This little ice maker is superb for any user as it does cause any inconvenience while using because its features have been modified to combat the existing vulnerabilities in other versions.

I was not disappointed because so far have used the product for the past two years and I have not found a major technical issue regarding its functionality. I highly recommend the product for the users who are always in a rush because it will perfectly suit their need as it creates ice after 6 minutes so that you do not have to wait.

NewAir AI-1OOSS 28-Pound Portable Ice Maker

Besides, the colored indicator lights have eased the work for the users because it succinctly indicates what time ice needed to be removed or the water added to the basket. Hence, continuous flow production of ice is attained which makes it convenient as one does not have to wait to use the ice cubes.

The machine has proven with no doubt to be effective because have been running for almost 15-18 hours a day without any error or malfunctioning.

However, some improvement has to be made since I had to clean the machine and it’s very tiresome thus need to equip it with a self-cleaning function. Despite the product being expensive, it’s worth it as it ideal for production and storage of ice cubes.

8. RCA Compact Ice Maker

After buying the product, it served its purpose without causing much trouble only just a few issues. Experience with RCA has been an exciting journey because sometimes it works well than anticipated and other times it functions poorly.

I was able to produce 26 pounds of the ice per day which served my purpose especially since I was using for personal use thus the machine produce more than what I required.

RCA Compact Ice Maker

Another added advantage is that ice can be produced from two different sizes. However, using the device can be challenging at first, but the good thing is that the user manual guide comes in hand. The size of the machine is perfect because I was able to squeeze into my kitchen and left additional space.

The RCA is suitable for the user who has limited space in their prospected places put the machine because of it small in size but works perfectly like another ice maker machine.

As far as the quality of the ice maker machine, it is of reasonable quality since it not well equipped to withstand being overworked. The best way to get optimal functionality is to allocate fewer hours for running it.

You need to worry about the breakage of the machine because I have been using the device for the last two years without any dent or scratch on the outside coating of the product despite not handling it well.

9. EdgeStar IP210RED Red Portable Countertop Ice Maker

The EdgeStar ice maker is the machine which for a long time I had anticipated to buy, and after ordering it, it served my purpose because I wanted a portable ice maker which I could easily carry to the shop and back later to my house.

The machine did not disappoint me because I was able to move it easily since its lightweight which makes it easy to transport. Regarding the user-friendly, the machine is easy to operate since there are complicated procedures to follow and soft touch control makes it easy for the user to navigate from one function to another.

EdgeStar IP210RED Red Portable Countertop Ice Maker

The exciting part is that it produces three different sizes of ice cubes unlike most of the ice maker which produce one or two different cube sizes.

Moreover, I was having an easy time during cleaning the machine despite too much exposure of the dirt to it since the machine is stainless steel thus makes it easy to clean. It would be better if the machine is producing the ice cubes at a faster rate since I had to wait for more than 10 minutes to get the ice cubes delivered.

However, it does create more ice cubes per day up to 28 pounds and the best thing you don’t have to worry about the storage. It stores up to two and a half ice cubes which makes it convenient hence I cannot complain about the price of the machine.

10. Ice Machine – Portable, Counter Top Ice Maker Machine TG22

I deliberate it as finest the ice machine I have interacted with since it has been incorporated with sophisticated features. When using it for the first time, I was surprised. It produced ice cubes within 6 minutes, and the quality of the ice is just phenomenal.

Operating the machine and understanding how it works did not even take me 10 minutes since the instruction regarding the functionality of the machine. I was able to track the progress on the production of the ice since al the buttons have been indicated to help the user determine the next course of actions.

Ice Machine - Portable, Counter Top Ice Maker Machine TG22

So far the machine has continued to run without any malfunction despite running it all day. I was not pleased because sometimes the sensor gave false information concerning the status of the ice cubes and water. Sometimes it displays a red light sensor which means that the ice cubes are full in the bucket, but checking is not the case which arises.

Good thing I had the warranty and after returning the faulty machine to the manufacturer it, and from then I did not encounter any setback on the ice machine.

Although, the machine can run all day and still be effective thus I recommended considering favorable price, features, and lifespan of the machine.

The Ultimate Buying Guide Of Best Portable Ice Maker

Best Portable Ice Maker

Ice Making Machines Based On Price

Most machines range between $75 and $499 according to the qualities each machine has. The Opal Nugget is the most expensive due to its large size and also Bluetooth capabilities.

The Avalon Bay is the least expensive due to its small size and its use for small scale purposes. The other ice makers lie between the price ranges based on their unique features.

The price of a machine is accompanied by the specifications and activities it performs. This means that the more a machine becomes expensive, the more quality of services it offers.

Ice Making Machines Based On Adaptability

Ice making machines are available in different adaptable characteristics. The Avalon Bay is adaptable to electrical power in that it can use any electrical source without complications.

The Opal Nugget is adaptable in terms of its small size in that it favors places with space limitations. The Della Ice maker is adaptable for being able to be connected directly from a water pipe to facilitate easier filling of the machine.

The Igloo machine is adapted to store a large volume of ice cubes due to its sizeable removable icebox.

Ice Maker Machines Based On Production And Time

The production of the ice cubes does vary depending on the time and maximum output. The Edge Star produces 28 pounds of ice cubes per day which is relatively enough based on the other machines with similar prizes.

The total time taken before the machines start producing ice is slightly the same and only that NewAir takes a much longer time compared to other machines.

Ice Maker Machines Based On Storage

Most of the manufacturers have designed most of the ice maker machines with one sole function that is to produce cubes, but they have modified to store some of the ice after they have been created.

The price of the machine mostly influences the size of the storage capacity. Think Gizmos ice maker machine has a storage capacity of 2.2 pounds of ice which among the highest among regarding price.

The RCA Compact ice maker has a storage capacity of 1.5 pounds which is slightly less than other ice maker machine, but at the same, it has a fair price.


Q: Why is it important to consider the power requirements of an ice making machine?

Ans: Some ice making machines require specific electric levels and are not adaptable to any electricity source.

This means that before purchasing any machine, knowledge about the power levels helps the user to decide on whether the machine will serve the intended purpose or not.

Q: What purpose does the warranty on a machine serve?

Ans: A warranty helps secure the buyer in case the purchased product defaults within a specified period. Products with warranties always indicate the quality assurance of the manufacturer.

Q: What determines the period an ice making machine will last?

Ans: The durability of an ice maker depends on the manufacturer and also the user. Some manufacturers make more durable machines than others, and as per the user, some users follow the stipulated guidelines of using the machine than others hence affecting the period of durability.

Final Verdict

Preliminary, purchasing the best portable ice maker necessity considering some variables first notably warranty, type of the model, manufacture, and price. Choosing a machine with a warranty but a poor model is useless because the lifespan of the machine is limited.

Also, settling on a cheap machine with no warranty is risky because in case of any faulty one may end up using more funds repairing. Look at some machines which have sophisticated features and very cheap but cannot even last for six months while the user is using.

Therefore, the users have to weigh all the options from different angles to ensure they picked a useful ice maker machine to serve their purpose.

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