Best Pizza Cutters – Ultimate Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

Best Pizza Cutter

For you to enjoy your delicious pizza food, you require the best pizza cutter. A lot of pizza lovers suffer a lot trying to slice it into smaller pieces.

This is not supposed to be the problem. A way out of the problem you require a perfect cutter. If you get a good cutter, you can slice your pizza like a professional.

Choosing the best cutter is not easy. There are hundreds of cutters on the market today. To help you make the correct decision, we spent hours reviewing the best products on the market. What you have here are simply the best. A good cutter is a necessity in every home. You can cut like a professional if you use any of the products.

Top 10 Best Pizza Cutters

1. Kitchy Pizza Cutter Wheel

This cutter is the most innovative. It is available in different colors, which include red, green and blue. The cutter is famous for its big wheel. It is a favorite choice for many users for many reasons.

It looks attractive and beautiful as it is produced with stainless steel. You will be happy using the cutter. It does not injure you, as the handle covers most of the wheel.

To ensure efficiency, it is 5 inches in diameters. In addition to that, it cuts sharp. Many users praise the razor-sharp edge, which makes it cut efficiently.

Kitchy Pizza Cutter Wheel

Most importantly, users deserve it high because of the protective blade guard. This safeguards your hands when you use the sharp object. Another reason that makes it unique is the ease of use. It is easy to open and clean after use.

Washing the product is not a challenge as you can wash it with your dishwasher.

It is obvious that this pizza cutter is user-friendly. You do not have anything to worry about when you use it. The most important thing is that it is affordable.


  • It consists of a stainless steel blade
  • The product cuts fast
  • This cutter is easy to assemble and disassemble
  • It has a protective blade in place for your protection


  • The product is not durable

2. Checkered Chef Pizza Cutter

They have various sharp cutters on the market. Perhaps the best from the company is this multipurpose Checkered Chef Pizza Cutter. Users expectation it high because of superior performance.

The design is significantly different; this is why it cuts better than others. Its blade is rectangular and not wheel structure. Users prefer this shape. As a result, you derive pleasure as it can be more efficient in cutting.

It is unusually sharp. This means that the sharpness level exceeds what you get in similar products out there. Because of the sharpness, it does not mess up the pizza top.

Checkered Chef Pizza Cutter

As a multipurpose cutter, you can use it to cut many food delicacies such as brownies, cheesecake and so on. If you need, you can use it to chop vegetables and other related products according to your desire.

The blade is durable. It is a single piece of stainless steel. The product, unlike others, does not have a wooden handle.

This makes it user-friendly. You will not find it difficult to use. In the same way, it is easier and simpler to wash the product. For easy and safe storage, it has a protective cover. Your hands are always safe when you use the device.

Another thing that makes the product great is lightweight. You will not find it uncomfortable to use. The lightweight ensures that you use the cutter with ease.


  • The cutter has a sharp blade
  • The blade is durable and sturdy
  • The blade cover is available for your protection
  • It is lightweight


  • Its sharpness increases the chance of accidental cutting

3. OXO Good Grips 4-Inch Pizza Wheel

If size is your priority in making a choice, then this model could be a perfect choice. This is an entry-level cutter. The cutter maintains traditional designs and features. However, this model has an edge because it had prestigious awards in the past.

The blade is sharp and this means that it can cut fast. Its body is of stainless steel material. The implication is that it serves you for a long time. Many users are happy with the performance.

OXO Good Grips 4-Inch Pizza Wheel

Reasonably the most outstanding feature of the product is the safety of use. Many people prefer a cutter that will not endanger their hands and they derive pleasure in using this product. It has features, which give your hands security when you cut with it.

Moreover, it absorbs tension in your hands as you cut. This is because of the rubber black handle. The hand also sets it apart from others. While many users like the hand because of the size, many others do not like. It is a matter of choice. If you are the type that prefers big cutters, this might be a better choice.


  • It is durable as it is composed of a stainless steel blade
  • The product features a non-grip handle
  • It is durable and can last longer
  • The die-cast thumb guard ensures your safety


  • It is a large size and heavyweight

4. Utopia Kitchen Stainless Steel Pizza Cutter

This is an excellent product from Utopia Kitchen. The cutter is remarkably different from others. It is stylish in shape and many people consider it the best outcome.

You notice that the body is of stainless materials right from the beginning to end. When it is on display, it outshines others. Many users prefer it over and above its contemporaries.

The sharp cutting edge is 3.5 inches. Because of this, it can cut fast and better. You have a better cutting efficiency when you use it. The handle is such that it always makes for a better grip. When there is a better grip, there is efficient cutting.

Utopia Kitchen Stainless Steel Pizza Cutter

In addition to these, many people rate high because of the safety feature in place. For instance, the safety guard is there and it ensures that you do not injure yourself. The size is another outstanding feature. You can handle it without difficulties.

Cleaning is easy. It is such that you can wash it after use with a dishwasher. You do not need to empty your bank account to own one because it is highly affordable.


  • The body is the highest grade stainless steel
  • It is safe to use because of the safety guard in place
  • The product is safe to grip
  • It is stylish and affordable


  • The handle is wobbly

5. ThinkGeek Star Trek Enterprise Pizza Cutter

Another great product, this ThinkGeek product is a multipurpose cutter. The shape is remarkably different. Because of that, it can cut fast and efficiently.

If you are looking for a product that cut your pizza boldly, you can opt for this cutter. The cutting is efficient. Because of the strange cutting ability, you can easily differentiate it from others.

The body is different alloy materials. It always shines out. The pizza cutter cut any part of pizza even those areas you consider challenging to cut.

ThinkGeek Star Trek Enterprise Pizza Cutter

It is not advisable to wash it with a dishwasher. Hand wash is perfect, as it can wash perfectly. The product is such fantastically designed that many people assume that it is not ideal for pizza cutting. It would have been better it is for other things else. The cutter slashes pizzas and cheese with precision.

The product is easy and simple to handle. Because of the handle, you can cut seamlessly. Some people even use it to decorate the table even when they do not use it to cut. It is highly efficient and one of the best you can buy with money today.


  • The product is elegant and stylish-It cuts fast and reliable
  • The cutter is safe to use
  • It is a multipurpose cutter


  • Not ideal for pizza cutting

6. Multipurpose Pizza Knife Cutter

The pizza cutter is indeed a game changer. The product can slice your pizzas with ease. You do not need to use it twice on any piece before it slices them for you. The money you spend on it is worth it. It is highly durable.

When you use it, you notice that pizzas and cheese do not leech on the body. It is not like other cutters that leave behind nasty mess after use.

In addition to that, it remains the most comfortable cutter on the market. It fits perfectly to your hands. To ensure accuracy and precision cutting, it has a laser precision blade. This does most of the work for you.

Multipurpose Pizza Knife Cutter

This model is, in fact, the most innovative cutter out there. If you want, it can slide to any kind of thickness as well as the sizes of your choice.

The cutting edge does not even harm you. It is such that it protects you when you use it. When it comes to performance, this has the edge over several others out there. The stylish design stands it out in your kitchen.


  • It is easy to assemble and clean after use
  • You can clean it with your dishwasher
  • It does not slip when you use it
  • The cutter is very durable and reliable


  • It is expensive

7. OXO Good Grips Easy to Clean Pizza Wheel and Cutter

OXO Good Grips cut with wheel cutter as well as cutter combination. It comes from the OXO company, which has a reputation for superior quality products.

The design is stylistic. Many users are happy with the aesthetic appearance. Moreover, you have one hundred percent controls of the product because of the design. You do not have anything to fear when you are using. In addition to that, it has protective features in place.

OXO Good Grips Easy to Clean Pizza

The handle is rubberized. This ensures that it does not slip out of your hands when you use it. There is also a blade guard in place.

The fact that it is usually friendly makes it superior to others. Users affirm that it is easy to open and maintain after use.

The blade is the best quality. It is highly durable. Any investment you make on this product is worth it. You can reap the benefits for a very long time.

The width is another unique feature that enhances the cutting efficiency. It can cut through pizzas and related products without difficulties.


  • The product is FDA approved
  • It features a rubberized handle for your safety-The product is easy to use
  • It is stylish and attractive


  • It is expensive, and this means that it is not affordable

8. KitchenAid Pizza Wheel

If you want to use a perfect traditional pizza cutter, you can choose this product. As you can see, you have it many attractive colors including the red color. This cutter is attractive and many people want to make it part of their kitchen. The product is durable and reliable.

It can cut very fast and efficiently. This could be because of the size of the blade. The cutter is three inches in diameters. You can cut through your pizzas and other kinds of products with ease. Moreover, you can make it glide through your pizzas without difficulties.

KitchenAid Pizza Wheel

The handle is ergonomic by design. The danger of injuring yourself when you use the product is not there. It features a guard, and this can save your thumb and finger. This can at least provide a level of security and stability when you use this product.

If you want to enjoy and efficient cutting, you can always rely on this cutter. It has everything you need. It is not unexpected that many people have good things to say about it.


  • It features a stainless steel wheel
  • The product is an ergonomic handle cutter, and this makes for an efficient cutting
  • It is dishwasher safe, and you can wash it with ease
  • The cutter is affordable


  • There is no sufficient wheel control

9. Winware Pizza Cutter 4-Inch Blade with Handle

As you can notice from the product title, this is a four inches pizza cutters. It is such that you can use it to cut different kinds of food such as fudge, pizzas, as well as cheese and other types of food.

Moreover, the sturdy design ensures that it cuts with maximum efficiency. In addition to that, it features a stainless steel material. This makes it durable and reliable. The handle is plastic. Users like it this way as it makes handling easy.

Winware Pizza Cutter

It equally makes for an efficient and precision cutting. You can see from the design that is for different uses. Whether you are a professional chef or you are an ordinary cook, you can derive pleasure using the product.

Most importantly, the product is user-friendly as it is dishwasher safe. It is not difficult to clean and use.


  • It is a multipurpose cutter as you can use it for different purposes
  • The product consists of stainless steel material
  • It is an excellent quality
  • Easy to use


  • It is too large

10. Precision Kitchenware – Ultra Sharp Pizza Cutter

If you are looking for precision and accurate cut, you can start with this product. It enjoys a high rating among users because of efficiency.

The product is ultra sharp. It cuts seamlessly, and it can cut different kinds of food items. Moreover, it is durable because of the quality materials. It cannot disappoint and you will be happy using it.

Precision Kitchenware - Ultra Sharp Pizza Cutter

Perhaps the most significant thing you enjoy in the product is the safety of use. You cannot cut your fingers and other parts of your hands when you use it. It appears that safety first is their first priority.

It is large but despite that, it is not difficult to store. The product is highly efficient and it enjoys a high rating.


  • It is very sharp and cut fast
  • The product is durable and last long
  • It is simple and easy to handle
  • The product is easy and simple to use


  • It is large

What You Should Consider When Buying a Pizza Cutter

When you are looking for a pizza cutter, you have to consider some important features to make the right choice.

Best Pizza Cutter


The type of material is the first factor to consider. The product should be durable and that depends on the type of material.


The design is equally important. The design shape determines how easy it is to use the cutter. It can cut different kinds of products.


Most importantly consider the safety features in place. You do not cut your fingers when you are using the product. Make your choice after considering the safety issue using a pizza cutter.


The cutter should be long-lasting. You do not need to be investing in this often. Again, this depends on the type of materials.


In addition to all these, the cutter should be affordable. You have to look at what you can afford without

compromising quality.

How to Cut a Pizza

Final verdict

Choosing a cutter that can serve your purpose is not easy. Many people, especially first-time buyers will not find it easy to make a choice. This guide above is to help such people make a perfect decision.

All the products listed and recommended above remain the best you can buy with money. They are the best pizza cutter as you can see from their high-end features.

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