Top 10 Best Jack Stands of 2021 – Reviews

Best Jack Stands

It’s important that car owners learn how to take good care of their automobiles. There are instances when you want to jack your car so that you can check for rust or change a tire. A dedicated jack stand will make the task of getting your vehicle elevated quite a simple.

The jack stand simply refers to an adjustable height structure that is used to support a car when it has been lifted. Jack stands to offer a strong mechanical stop that will prevent your vehicle from falling.

This simply means that you don’t have to rely on the hydraulics alone. The market is filled with many types of jack stands. However, only a few models will perform a great. The job at keeping your vehicle stable. For better results, always ensure that you use a durable and reliable jack stand.

In this article, we take a closer look at the best jack stands available in the market today. These selections are based on lift height, weight capacity, base width, handle versatility, adjustability and position stop. Read on and ultimately discover the jack stand that will suit your personal needs and preferences. Check out the top 10s best jack stands.

Top 10 Best Jack Stands

There are many types of jack stands in the market. The most excellent jack stands offer stability, durability, as well as ease of use. Considering the factors mentioned above, below are the reviews of the best jack stands.

1. Torin T43DO4 Aluminum Jack Stands

This model is made using durable aluminum tubing as well as a vast aluminum cast base. It is a light-duty jack stand which is undoubtedly among the most excellent jack stands. The jack stand offers remarkable functionality because it is constructed using high quality as well as lightweight aluminum.

Torin T43DO4 Aluminum Jack Stands

The jack stand can lift a weight of Up to three tons. It has a minimum of 11.2 inches and can be adjusted up to a height of 16 inches.

In order to boost your safety, the jack stand comes together with a second pin which ensures that the jack stand doesn’t shift. This will greatly help you to relax as you repair the oar. The jack stand also has a wide base which enables you to use it on soft as well as the hard ground.

2. Performance Tool W41022 3 Ton Heavy Duty Jack Stand Set

If you are looking out for a great jack stand for your vehicle, then this is the perfect model for you. This jack stand is well known by many car owners. The jack is being retailed as a set of 2 at a reasonable price.

Being low-priced does not imply that the jack is less reliable. Actually, the steel body, as well as the powerful arm, make the jack to be safe and also stable.

Performance Tool W41022 3 Ton Heavy Duty Jack Stand Set

The jack can comfortably handle a vehicle weight of up to 3 tons. This means that the jack stand can be used on any car. However, it‘ll struggle with large vehicles like SUVs. The model can also comfortably handle light-duty trucks. Anything that’s above that is unsafe.

3. Torin Big Red Steel Jack Stands: Double Locking, 3 Ton Capacity

This jack features the traditional jack stand design and it is reasonably priced. This jack is designed using a lightweight aluminum frame so as offer you total control even in minor spaces.

Moreover, the aluminum design is rust free to ensure that you don’t have any problems with the jack stand becoming stuck or finding it hard to use.

Torin T43002A 3 Ton Double Locking Jack Stands

It features a pin through design that makes it very safe to operate than a ratchet jack, therefore ensures that you don’t worry about the stand falling on you or slipping. For additional safety, the jack’s top is large enough to fit below a vehicle’s frame firmly.

Unlike Most Jacks, this model does not feature a pyramid-shaped base. Instead, it looks like a traditional hydraulic jack that’s piston operated. The base of this jack is rust-resistant and it has a design that allows you to place it very easily below a car. This jack stand is excellent even for a vehicle that has low clearance.

The model doesn’t occupy a lot of space when it is not being used.

4. OTC 1780 Jack Stand

This stand is an ideal choice for people who are looking out for an inexpensive yet functional stand. This jack is made from top quality aluminum that provides impressive strength as well as functionality. The stand is very easy to modify and it also has a height of about 10 inches.

OTC 1780 Jack Stand

Moreover, the jack can be adjusted to a maximum height of 15.25 inches. Although the stand weighs 11 pounds it has the ability to comfortably lift up to 2 tons. The jack is scratch as well as rust-resistant, this means that it shall remain in good shape after many years of use.

Another great thing about this tool is that it has welded foot pads that can resist sinking. The foot pads are also lightweight.

5. Omega 32066 Lift Black Jack Stand

This jack stand is ideal for people who like working on their cars. It’s a self-raising jack stand that powerful, durable and also easy to use. This stand is a perfect model that comes at a reasonable price.

This jack is made using steel and it is retailed as a complete kit of 2. The model can comfortably support up to a maximum weight capacity of 6 tons, these means that they’re strong enough to lift large SUVs.

Omega 32066 Lift Black Jack Stand

This jack stand is very easy to use. It is a one-piece model that features a flexible iron ratchet bar.

Operating it only involves lifting the handle as well as the arm and it will raise itself automatically. This jack is made of steel; this means that it can be useful for many years.

6. ESCO 10498 Jack Stand

This model is very recommendable for any individual who will be spending a lot of time under their vehicle. What makes this different from other stands is its circular base that stands a stunning 3-ton capacity even when used alone.

ESCO 10498 Jack Stand

Although this jack stand is made of steel, they’re very easy to carry around and just as effective too. The manner at which these stands are designed will ensure that you are safe when doing the repairs under the vehicle.

The jack comes with an impressive adjusting mechanism and a design that ensures that there is no slipping or downward movement once the car is lifted to its desired height. The stand is also very easy to use as they are compact, making them one of the best jack stands for those who need to work on cars at home.

7. Powerzone 380037 Steel Jack Stands

Powerzone is a renowned brand that provides high-quality products. The 6-ton steel jack stand has been selling fairly well thanks to its stability and robust construction. It’s a very cheap set of 2 stands that are capable of supporting a maximum weight capacity of 6 tons.

Powerzone 380037 Steel Jack Stands

The 380037 jack stand supports a weight capacity of 6 tons. This makes this model one of the reliable jack stands on the list. It’s ideally suited to work even heavy SUVs.

So as to withstand the 6-ton weight, the manufacturer has made it using quality steel along with a relatively wide base that has less cutouts. The stand comes with a very simple looking bar. It’s also made to be easy to adjust to sustain the vehicle.

8. Hein-Werner HW93503 Jack Stand

These blue/yellow automatic jack stands by Hem-Werner are among the best jack stands today. Sold in pairs, the sleek looking jack stands also come with a 3-ton capacity.

What sets this jack stand model apart from the competitors is its saddle column that provides state-of-art height adjustment. In addition, the multi-position ratchet bar will give you control and strength when you want it most.

Hein-Werner HW93503 Jack Stand

Furthermore, the wider base offers excellent stability and it will never sink in the pavement when you’re doing your work.

Users will certainly love the durability of this jack stand. Nonetheless, the construction of its base could have been improved due because the triangle shaped feet isn’t a solid piece. Due to its American-made assembly and good functionality and stability, this is a very great choice for the heavy duty jack stands.

9. Powerbuilt 640912 3-Ton Bottle Jack Stand

Powerbuilt 640912 is another reliable jack stand that has proved to be of great success among vehicle owners. The model is fairly priced and features an excellent design with a steel body. In terms of safety and stability, this model is quite reliable.

Powerbuilt 640912 3-Ton Bottle Jack Stand

A striking model distinct from other jack stands is the Powerbuilt 3-Ton Bottle Jack that operates through the hydraulic system to establish lift precision. The single stand has a wide base made from quality steel for optimum staying power and stability.

With a lift locking system for protection, the jack stand has a height lift capacity of 11 to 21 inches perfect for SUVs and off-road vehicles.

10. Camco 44561 Olympian Aluminum Stack Jack Stand

This is one of few stands that are made from high-grade aluminum that speaks for its lighter weight yet comparable strength. Formed close to the base of a common tripod, the Camco 44561 Olympian Aluminum Stack offers maximum durability and secures perfect balance even when positioning an RV.

Camco 44561 Olympian Aluminum Stack Jack Stand

The Camco 44561 Olympian Aluminum jack stands are literary among good jack stands available on the market. The first thing that you’ll notice about this stand is the tripod type feet that allow for incredible stability.

The top is also covered by rubber to protect against scratching the paint of your vehicle. We also love the fact that it is constructed with cast aluminum and feature level RV positioning and stability. You can easily adjust it from eleven inches to seventeen inches.

How to Choose the Best Jack Stand

There some things that you have to consider before purchasing a jack stand. Moreover, you should ensure that you carefully examine the lift height, construction material, weight capacity as well as easiness of use.

Material Composition

The finest jack is made using steel or cast iron. Do not choose a jack that’s not made using top quality steel. If you settle for an aluminum jack, ensure that it is built to last for long.

Fixed vs. Adjustable Height

If the jack stand is to be used on a particular part of your vehicle, fixed height jack stands are the best.

Fixed height jacks are strongly built and they don’t feature moving parts. Nevertheless, fixed height stands are usually heavy and barely versatile. An adaptable height jack stand is very flexible.

With An adaptable height jack stand, you can be able to fine-tune the height till you are satisfied. The jacks also feature safety pins which ensure that they remain in place. Some of the jacks have several safety pins.

Lift Height

Floor and lift height jacks are usually used together. Lift height jacks feature a range of 13″-26″. The normal capacity is three tons. However, larger jacks can comfortably support a weight of up to six tons.

Weight Capacity

Most jacks have their weight limit listed in tons. A basic jack can support a weight of up to half a ton.

Powerful jacks can lift a weight of about 25 tons or even more. If you are going to purchase ‘I of these, ensure that it can comfortably support your car’s weight. The weight rating of a jack stand depends on the weight of a vehicle.

Easy to Use

You require a jack that is very easy to use. If it is the modifiable type, it has to be quick and also easy to adjust. A good jack stand doesn’t get in your way and it also makes it easy for you to get the right position.

It‘s hard to highlight the importance of a jack stand if it is hard to use. A bad jack stand increases the possibility of accidents.

Lock Design

There are many dissimilar lock designs that are available in the market. The most popular design is the ratchet/lever design. Nevertheless, you will also come across pin-in-hole locks. Although pin locks are more stable than the ratchet/lever locks, the ratchet/lever locks are very convenient.

Base Width

The width of the Base is also an important consideration. A jack with a wide base is very stable as compared to a jack that has a narrow base. Jacks that are Pyramid shaped have wide bases. However, there are some models that also have wide bases.


There are many people who like taking good care of their cars. This means that car maintenance is more of a hobby and to achieve this, reliable equipment is needed.

A jack stand is undoubtedly one of the essential tools in case you want to take care of your car. No matter what you want to do to your vehicle, having, a great set of jack stands is vital to your safety.

Just like taking the necessary precautions when it comes to eyewear and putting on nonconductive gloves as you work on electrical components, having a good set of jack stands that are capable of holding up your car, truck, van or SUV will prove to be one of the best investments that you will make.

The best jack stands are the ones that are capable of holding up your vehicle’s weight time and time again without any glimpse of possible failures. Then times, the car stands can also be used as extra security when the floor jack fails in one way or another.

By default, ensure that you use a pair of car stands, regardless of what you are doing to your vehicle; be it changing breaks, tires, doing some technical or mechanical work underneath, or even rotating the wheels.


Jack stands are specially designed to offer a very important service; they lift vehicles to a reasonable level so as to allow you to squeeze under the vehicle and carry out work as well as functionality appraisals.

They’re designed to offer a strong mechanical stop that ensures that your vehicle cannot fall; this implies that you will not have to depend on hydraulics only when it is time to work on your vehicle

It’s very impossible to unintentionally lower a jack stand on yourself, as you have to disengage a jack stand before you can lower the vehicle

Jack stands to allow you to raise the car to a higher level very quickly.

How to Lift a Car by Jack Stands


Although you need many tools for your car maintenance, a jack stand is undoubtedly one of the most important tools that you must have. This is a vital safety tool that will assist you when you want to work under your vehicle.

Jack stands are quite solid, and it’s a rare case to see any model failing. As long as they’re used appropriately, and its maximum weight recommended is not exceeded, everything ought to be fine. The jack mentioned above can support anything starting from small cars all the way up to vans or large SUVs.

Even though their pricing varies, even the cheapest jack stand models will get the job done right provided that they are not forced to sustain larger weights that what’s recommended by the manufacturer.

Stabilizing your car before you work on it is part of proper automotive upkeep. The best jack stands models featured in the above guarantee a great job at providing stability. Safety should be your priority. As such, a reliable jack stand is just like a life saver. When used properly, jack stands make the whole job to be much more comfortable.

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