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Best Gas Can

It can take running out of gas on a remote country road to make you appreciate the value of a high-quality gas can. They’re not all created equally though. They come in a variety of sizes and styles. If you’re taking a long road trip, or make frequent trips to the gas pump to fill an ATV or lawn mower, you need a gas can.

We‘ve prepared a buyer‘s guide and reviews of the top ten best gas cans on the market, along with information about the best gas spout solutions for eliminating the strong odor and preventing leaks.

Reviews of the Best Gas Can

1. No-Spill 1405 2-1/2-Gallon Poly Gas Can

The No-Spill gas can features that make it convenient to use with controls that help to avoid overfilling and spills. This gas can is specially designed to make carrying gas and filling equipment easier with a spout that fits most tank openings and anti-spill features and full user control over the flow.

No-Spill 1405 Gallon Poly Gas Can

Thumb Button Control

The thumb button gives you total control over the amount of gas that comes out of the can. This prevents overfilling and cuts down on waste. You can pour precisely the amount needed.

7/8-inch Funnel Spout

The included funnel spout is the perfect size for pouring gas into small equipment openings. Avoid the frustration of a nozzle that is too large to fit and cut down on spills and overfills.

Attached Dust Cover

The attached dust cover helps to keep the spout clean. A dirty spout can lead to debris flowing into gas tanks and causing equipment failure. The dust cover eliminates this problem.

Integrated 20 Mesh Stainless Steel Screen

The mesh screen is built into this gas can and filters out debris and any sediments that may collect in the bottom of the gas can. This is a security measure that guarantees you won‘t accidentally pour sediment into gas powered equipment.

Tested and Certified

The No-Spill gasoline can have been tested to meet ASTM F-85299 Standard specification that is required for portable gasoline containers that are made for consumer use.

This is an additional safety measure that gives you the guarantee that the can has met the standards that are designed to keep consumers safe from poorly designed cans.

2. Justrite 7250130 Galvanized Steel, AccuFlow Type II Red Safety Can 1″

When safety and convenience are your goals, the Just rite Galvanized steel type II red safety can deliver high on performance.

It‘s one of the top choices for storing and transferring hazardous liquids in a large and heavy duty can. This gas can is packed with useful features and is OSHA and NFPA approved.

Justrite 7250130 Galvanized Steel

Multi-Use Gas Can

You can safely use this can for storing gasoline, a gas and oil mixture, Kerosine or diesel fuels.

Large ID Zone

Because this is a multi-purpose can, a large ID zone has been built in to give you the space needed to label what‘s inside correctly. This is helpful for avoiding misuse, so you don‘t pour the wrong type of fuel into certain equipment.

Stainless Steel Flame Arrester

The flame arrester is made of stainless steel to protect against corrosion. It dissipates heat and eliminates the chance of flashback ignition, which is one of the leading causes of severe injury and death related to gas can use.

The arrester is 3 and a half inches long and allows you to safely and securely place the gas nozzle where you need it most, with a feature to keep you safe when using.

Ergonomic Handle

The handle is rounded to make it more comfortable to hold and maneuver. The fill port is offset and has a comfort lift lever so filling is easier with the Safe Squeeze patented feature. This trigger lets to control the flow of liquid with accuracy.

1″ Flexible Spout

The flexible spout is an inch in diameter and this feature is a convenience when it comes to filling equipment. It helps to avoid awkward positioning when lifting the can to fill equipment.

Heavy Duty Construction

The walls of this galvanized steel can are reinforced with ribs that strengthen the integrity of the can and help reduce the likelihood of denting.

It is constructed to last a lifetime with 100% steel body and handle construction 24 gauge galvanized steel material that is coated with a powdered paint finish. This makes it resistant to solvents as well as abuse from dropping or other impacts.

Self-Closing Lid

This feature controls vapors and spills. It is also leakproof which cuts down on odors when you‘re transporting fuel in a vehicle.

  • Air displacement vent
  • The air displacement vent is placed in the can for smooth liquid flow.
  • Complies with OSHA & NFPA requirements

This can have been fully tested and has passed all OSHA and NFPA requirements for safety. It is also approved under CARB, is FM approved, an Accepted container under CARB; is FM Approved; UL & ULC listed, and TUV Certified

3. Eagle UI-50-FS Red Galvanized Steel Type I Gasoline Safety Can

Carry up to five gallons of fuel safely with the Eagle UI-50 FS, tested and approved for consumer use. This product has undergone stringent safety testing and is recommended as a heavy duty gas can that is packed with useful features to make carrying and dispensing gas easier, safer and more convenient.

Eagle UI-50-FS Red Galvanized Steel Type I Gasoline Safety Can

5-Gallon Capacity

Make fewer trips to the gas pump with the generous 5 gallons holding the capacity of this can. Safely stores gas for extended road trips, multiple fills for lawnmowers and other gas-powered equipment.

Equipped with a Funnel

The funnel is included as an extra convenience feature. This makes it easy to pour gas into small filling spouts without spilling. The funnel is made of heavy-duty polyurethane materials that are resistant to chemical corrosion.

Heavy Duty Construction

The Eagle 5 gallon can is made for heavy-duty service in every sense of the word. It not only has a large holding capacity, but it is also constructed of 24 gauge hot dipped galvanized steel.

The crafting process is one of the few deep drawn seamless processes used today. There are no seams to give way so you have a one-piece wall section in a sturdy can with a double interlock no-weld bottom seam that is coated with a baked on powder coat finish.

Non-Sparking Flame Arrester

This safety feature helps to prevent accidents by dissipating heat and stopping flashback ignition.

Spring Closing Lid

The design of this lid keeps it tight fitting against the can to cut down on the incidences of spills and vapors when storing or transporting gas.

Safety Approved and Certified

Every Eagle gas can goes through a tough testing process. This can is a type 1 safety gas can that meets OSHA and NFPA code 30 requirements. It is accepted under CARB, and is UL, ULC and FM approved for safe handling and storage of gasoline and other flammable liquids.

4. No-Spill 1415 1-1/4-Gallon Poly Gas Can

Make storing and pouring gasoline safe, convenient and less messy with the No-Spill 1-1/4 gallon can. This gas can is loaded with safety and convenience features when you need a small can that is dependable and easy to use.

No-Spill 1415 Gallon Poly Gas Can

Spill-Proof Spout

The spill-proof spout allows you to place the spout in the filling opening before tipping the can. This helps to prevent spills and makes it easier to pour gas into equipment.

Push Button Flow Control

Totally avoid overflowing messes with the push button flow control that lets you fill gas powered equipment with fuel with precision. Just push the button when you‘re ready to start filling and when you let off the button, the flow of liquid stops immediately.

Safety Certified

This gas can has been fully tested and meets the requirements for the California Air Resources Board for sale and use in the State of California. The specially designed nozzle limits the amount of vapor that permeates into the air.

This can is certified to ASTM F-85299 and F-97602 specifications and is certified for consumer use for storing and dispensing Kerosene, gasoline and diesel fuels.

5. SureCan – Gas Can with Rotating Spout – 5.0 Gallon

The SureCan brand gas can give you a large capacity fuel container that has passed stringent safety testing and inspections. It offers a safer and more convenient way to store and distribute gasoline and other fuels.

SureCan - Gas Can with Rotating Spout - 5.0 Gallon

Flexible Rotating Nozzle

The flexible rotating nozzle makes it easier to fill vehicles and small equipment. This helps you to avoid lifting the can into awkward positions and spilling fuel when you‘re trying to pour into smaller equipment.


The self-venting feature offers a dual purpose. It helps to create a more smooth and even flow of liquid by avoiding air displacement. This means there are no flow disruptions or large splashes which can be messy and waste fuel.

Thumb Trigger

The thumb trigger gives you total control over the flow of fuel into equipment. Simply press the button to start filling and when the tank is full, release the button and the flow of fuel stops immediately. Avoid overfilling with the SureCan gas can.

Childproof Cap

As an added safety feature, the SureCan gas can comes equipped with a childproof cap. It‘s easy for adults to unlock, but difficult for children and this helps to prevent accidental poisoning or other injuries.

CARB Certified

This can have passed tough testing and inspections for CARB certification. It is designed to be a green fuel container that helps in protecting our delicate environment with spill-proof features.

6. Second Gen TERAPUMP TRFA01 – No More Gas Can Lifting

The Terapump eliminates the need to lift gas can to fill vehicles and equipment. This unique system pumps the can into cans with an advanced system that makes it convenient and easy to fill them with precision flow control and a no-spill feature.

Second Gen TERAPUMP TRFA01 - No More Gas Can Lifting

3 GPM Transfer

This pump features a powerful 3 gallon per minute fuel transfer pump. This makes filling larger equipment and vehicles faster and it couldn’t be made easier.

Fits Any Can

The attachments included with the Terapump are designed to fit most gas cans. A tight fit eliminates the likelihood of spills or awkward filling situations that take more time and effort. The system comes with 3 adapters that fit 98% of all gas cans available in the United States market.

Battery Operated

This pump is the perfect solution for taking out into the field because it runs on 4 AA size batteries. This is the world‘s first battery-powered fuel transfer pump which gives it an edge over the competitors because it can be used any time and anywhere.

Advanced Stop Feature

The built-in advanced stop feature self monitors the rate and flow of the fuel. This eliminates the problem of overfilling. The auto stop feature shuts down the flow automatically when the tank being filled is full, so you don‘t have to do a thing.

Multi-Fuel Rating

This can is rated for use with gasoline, diesel, kerosene and light oils.

7. Eagle UI-20-FS Red Galvanized Steel Type 1 Gasoline Safety Can

Safely store, transport and dispense a variety of flammable liquids the safety-approved Eagle UI-20 type 1 gas can.

Heavy Duty Construction

This can is made from galvanized steel material. It is highly resistant to denting, rusting and corrosion from chemicals. The steel is fully coated with a powder finish for additional strength that resists fading scratching, chipping and other types of wear.

Eagle UI-20-FS Red Galvanized Steel Type 1 Gasoline Safety Can

Flame Arrester

The built-in flame arrester prevents the contents of the can from flashback ignition, keeping you safer when transferring liquids in and out of the can. A mesh screen is included with the flame arrester to help prevent the transfer of sediment or debris into gas tanks.

Funnel Included

The funnel makes it easier to pour fuel into smaller equipment and cuts down on the need for awkward can positioning and spills. The funnel is constructed with a high-density polyethylene material that is resistant to chemical breakdown, punctures, and dents.

Self-Closing Spout Cap

The special design of the spout cap helps to prevent spills and leaks. The cap opens automatically to vent vapors and prevent buildup inside of the can safely.


The trigger release lid is made with a patented comfort grip design and a fixed handle for ease and comfort in handling

Safety Approved

This can comply with OSHA standard 1910.106 and is FM approved. It has undergone strict testing and inspection and passed with FM, UL and ULC listing for the storage and handling of flammable and combustible liquids.

8. RotopaX RX-2G Gasoline Pack

The RotopaX is a fuel can that delivers leak proof and safe storage and distribution of gasoline and other flammable or combustible liquids.

RotopaX RX-2G Gasoline Pack

Rotational Molded

The RotopaX line of gas cans are the only rotationally molded containers that are EPA and CARB compliant, in the United States today. Roto molding makes the walls thicker and stronger for a more durable can that is highly resistant to damage.

Sure Seal Gaskets

The addition of the patented sure seal gaskets makes this container virtually leak proof. There is no chance of the lid vibrating loose or leaking unless you open it yourself.

Low Permeable

In adherence to strict government regulations, this container is constructed with a special plastic barrier that helps to prevent vapors from escaping into the air.

This makes the Rotopax an exceptionally green can that is friendlier to the environment. Three layers of plastic are used in the construction process for exceptional protection against permeability.

EPA and CARB Compliant

RotopaX fuel containers undergo a tough testing and inspection process. They are certified to be compliant with the strict regulations for becoming EPA and CARB compliant.

9. Midwest Model 5600 – 5 Gallon Spill Proof Gas Can

Enjoy the convenience of large fuel storage to cut down on trips to the gas pump. This container is useful when making long distance trips, for fueling ATVs in the field, lawnmowers and other fuel powered equipment.

Midwest Model 5600 - 5 Gallon Spill Proof Gas Can


The top handle is crafted with a back grip to make it convenient and easy to carry or to pour. This can is designed with two handles that make it twice as easy and convenient to carry and maneuver.

Heavy Duty Construction

The Blitz is made with HDPE materials that are resistant to corrosion from certain chemicals, such as combustible fuels, and it is resistant to denting and rusting in addition.

Spill-Proof Pouring System

The automatically closing spout features an airtight seal to prevent accidental tipping and spilling. The can is designed with a wide base and low center of gravity which gives it additional stability. The pouring spout helps cut down on the need for awkward can positioning when pouring, to cut down on spills.

Safety Certified

This can have been fully tested and meets the requirements for CARB certification, as well as EPA compliance for portable combustible fuel containers.

10. Wavian Authentic NATO Jerry Fuel Can

If you‘re looking for a military grade fuel can that meets current safety requirements, then the Wavian Authentic NATO Jerry Fuel Can is your best available option.

Wavian Authentic NATO Jerry Fuel Can

Bayonet Style Nozzle

The nozzle is designed in a bayonet style with a quick release feature that makes filling fuel tanks fast and easy.

Heavy Duty Construction

This is the only military grade Jerry can that is currently offered in the United States market. It is made in Europe of 9mm cold rolled steel for exceptional durability and resistance to dents, leaks, and rust. The anticorrosive coating has been applied to the inside and outside of the can, making it resistant to corrosion from certain chemicals.

Large Capacity

This can have a 5.3-gallon capacity when extra fuel storage is needed. This is a total of 20 liters. The extra space is a feature found in many European made import cans, but no worries, this can is legal for sale in North America.

Safety Certified

This can have passed the necessary requirements for EPA and CARB compliance and has met stringent testing and inspection processes.

Buying Guide: How to Find the Best Gas Can

Not All Gas Cans are Created Equally

In reviewing the top ten gas cans on the market today, it’s clear that safety in construction and design are a few of the major concerns.

These cans made it to the top ten list because they have passed strict requirements in place to help keep consumers and the environment safe. These aren‘t the only things to consider before making your purchase.

This guide is designed to give you useful information about choosing the best gas can to meet your needs.

Choose the Right Size

Our selections include cans with a variety of different capacities. If you‘re using the can to fill your lawnmower or a few other smaller gas-powered machines, a smaller can may be the best choice. They are smaller, lighter and don‘t take up much storage space.

Think about how much fuel you use gas can on a monthly basis and this will give you an idea of how large your new gas can should be. If you use between 3 and 5 gallons a month, buying a larger can will make it more convenient to store a month‘s supply so you don‘t need to keep making trips to the gas pump.

Useful Features

Next, consider which features would make the can more convenient for you to use. For example, some cans come with two handles, while others have one.

Some have longer and more flexible nozzles which help avoid the need for awkward positioning of the can to pour the gas in. Would it make life easier to get a transfer pump that does all the work for you? Is it important to have a mesh screen in place to keep any debris from going into the gas tank?

Best Gas Can Spout Solution

Pay careful attention to the spout that comes with your gas can. The ones with a long flexible attachment make it easier to pour gas into equipment and vehicles over cans that have short spouts that are made for use with lawnmowers and items that are low to the ground.

Every person has different needs, but this is a feature that is worth close consideration because a poorly designed spout can make it difficult to use the can when filling certain fuel tanks.


When browsing through the different brands of gas cans, we see that most are compliant with basic safety regulations, but you must consider the state that you live in and purchase a can that meets with the standards recommended in your particular state.

Not all gas cans can be sold in California or other states. It‘s evermore a great idea to make sure that the can you choose cans that are not only legal in your area, but those that provide the best possible safety certifications. If you have small children, you may want to consider the cans that feature a childproof cap.


Q: Are there cans that prevent fumes from developing in the car?

Ans: Some gas cans are made with tight seal gaskets around the lid and double-walled construction in the body. While this will help to prevent fumes for short trips, if you leave any gas can in a vehicle for more than a few hours, the venting system will produce some fumes.

Q: What is the best gas can on the market?

Ans: The best gas can you can buy is one that has the features that make it easy for you to use in your particular situation, and is the right size. There is no one size fits all option and this is why there are so many different options available.

Q: Why is safety certification so important?

Ans: Fuel containers must be heavy duty to avoid leakage and potential for harm to humans and the environment.

This means damage resistant materials that are built to hold up when used with corrosive fluids, and a seam construction that won’t come apart. They must also have a special ventilation system so combustible materials can’t build up gas pressure and cause explosions.

Final Verdict

There are several good options for finding the right gas can to suit your personal needs. The ten cans in our review were chosen because they meet high standards for safety when used with flammable and combustible fuels by consumers.

We included a range of sizes, capacities and useful convenience features to give you a variety of choices as you consider the gas can and the best gas can spout solution that will provide you with the best performance to make your life easier and safer.

By keeping the suggestions made in our buyer’s guide, you’ll be able to find the perfect gas can the first time around.

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